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Release Date Trailer!

Harper Jay Harper

The time is finally here!Holy gosh! From the early days of Fig and backing from generous fans all the way until these moments where we’ve been able to spruce up and expand content after our purchase by Microsoft, it’s been one heck of a ride but we're nearing the end. I’m happy to announce that Psychonauts 2 will release on August the 25th.

As a reminder for platforms that you'll be able to enjoy the game on, here's the list:

-Xbox Series X and S
-Xbox One
-PC (Windows and Linux)
-PS5 via backwards compatibility

In fact, you can preorder it now in a lot of places. While the ability to pre-order is being rolled out from storefront to store front, the game is available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store and Steam, as well as through your console. There’s some small delay due to Business Stuff but it will also be available on the PlayStation Store as well. Keep an eye open for that. The bottom line: it’s coming. In the upcoming stretch of time until launch we hope to be able to share more information about Psychonauts 2’s world including a primer on the story so far, info on characters and powers, and more. Heck, we’ll even be able to do small things like share more screenshots and hopefully share more tech details on each version of the game once we're able.

For our lovely Fig backers who have stuck with us through the years: thank you. We will be working to ensure you have the copy you want for any of the available platforms. More information will come in the next few days. For other fans, we also thank you for your support and excitement. It’s thanks to all of you that Psychonauts 2 has come this far. Only a little bit further and Raz’s story will continue; there will be twists and turns, brains and bodacious baddies. We’ll keep everyone updated here, on social media, and through other channels to make sure you have the most up to date news about the launch.

But yeah, it feels good to announce this. Really good. Amazingly good. We can’t wait to share our work and this wonderful world with you. Two months! It’s gonna kick a lot of butt!

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