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Psychonauts Now On Game Pass

Harper Jay Harper
Double Fine TV

Psychonauts Game Pass Trailer

It feels like only a week or something since I told folks that Psychonauts would be coming to Xbox Game Pass, which is probably the case but I haven't checked a calendar or anything so whatever. The point is that the game is literally ON GAME PASS NOW! It released.

If you have Game Pass, which I'm told is pretty gnarly, then you have Psychonauts and can play it right now.

Old fans can revisit Whispering Rock Summer Camp and explore the game they love ahead of Psychonauts 2. If you're a new player who wants to see what all these Boomers are talking about, now is your chance to play the cult-classic original that thankfully did release in spite of like 90 publishing deals falling through, and luckily we got an awesome game with cool characters and that one Milkman quote you folks will NEVER stop reciting to me.

Anyway, check out these awesome screenshots!

Double Fine TV

Behold! The mental world!

Here's the run down for those who don't know. This is like, the corporate-y version that I helped write but you get the idea.

Originally released in 2005 for multiple consoles including the original Xbox, Psychonauts resonated with fans of all ages for nearly two decades thanks to its mixture of comedic storytelling and inventive level-design. As Raz expands his psychic abilities, he must leap into the minds of those around him and explore levels based on their personalities and neuroses.

A happy-go-lucky Psychonaut agent’s mind is a constant dance party with secrets lurking in the unlit corners; the mind of a conspiracy theorist is full of twisting roads and pathways that loop in every direction imaginable. Combined with sharp wit and a cast of memorable characters, every step forward in Psychonauts is a step into the unknown and wonderful world of our minds.

Double Fine Productions is immensely pleased to bring “Psychonauts” to Xbox Game Pass, allowing diehard fans and new players alike to experience the classic that started everything ahead of the release of ‘Psychonauts 2’ later this year. Keep an eye on the studio’s social media channels for more information on a “book club” style series of streams that span an entire playthrough of the game and feature guests who worked on it back in the “old days.”

Seriously... look out for that last part. I'll have more info on it soon. Programmers, level designers, artists, Tim and such. It should be a good time. For now? Enjoy the game!

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