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Psychonauts On Xbox Game Pass Soon

Harper Jay Harper

Gonna keep it short and simple, nerds! Folks kept asking us for one thing over and over, which was the right thing to ask for: Psychonauts on Xbox Game Pass. While you asked and I talked to some people in suits and they nodded their heads and said words like "capital" and "investment" so here we are. The original, wonderful mind-bending platformer extraordinaire is coming to Xbox Game Pass. When? Soon! How soon? Just, like... I can't say that yet but trust me that it is very soon.

For those of you who've never experienced Raz's first adventure, this is a great chance to see what the big deal is and enjoy a long-time cult favorite. If you're already a fan, this is makes it nice and easy to play on your Xbox Series X or whatever other game box you have. Point is that it's here and there's some time to enjoy the original before Psychonauts 2 releases this year. We'll have more information soon and even a neat little side-project that will come alongside the release that will hopefully gather some familiar faces and shed new light onto the game's development.

And remember: Meat Circus isn't that bad. It's fine. Don't be a baby. But also please do enjoy Psychonauts.... on Xbox GAME PASSSSSSS!

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