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New Amnesia Fortnight!

Harper Jay Harper
Double Fine TV

You'll be able to watch a brand new feature-length documentary on 2019's Amnesia Fortnight in two weeks!

What a good surprise!

For folks who don't know, we here at Double Fine regularly take a two week break to collect our thoughts during big projects but the work doesn’t entirely stop. In a process called “Amnesia Fortnight,” anyone and everyone at the studio can pitch a game concept. The goal: turn those ideas into working prototypes in that two week period. In 2019, Double Fine held another Amnesia Fortnight but the world was getting really weird so we weren't able to be super public about it. But we are now!

The result? New projects embodying the studio’s ethos of comedic adventures and unique games. Split into teams and working on a tight deadline, Double Fine’s stable of artists, programmers, producers, musicians and other artists must come together and overcome technical hurdles in a game jam bonanza. (Some of those have led to full projects like Iron Brigade, Stacking, Costume Quest, and more!)

And now we got a big 'ole movie about 2019's projects! There's madcap puppet theater, devious journeys into the underworld, a sinister puzzle game, and grand battles on the back of giant slugs as four very different games grow from concepts to prototypes. Four ideas enter and four games leave, and the entire process is outlined in this feature length documentary by in-house crew 2 Player Productions.

Did that sound a bit like a press release? Well, that's because I adjusted it from a press release. The point? We have an Amnesia Fortnight moving coming soon. You can watch it here on April 29th! It's got four really cool prototypes that we're eager to share with you... and we might have some more stuff around the corner too. See you at the premiere!


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