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Amnesia Fortnight 2014 - A Double Fine Production

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A note from Tim Schafer

Now showing here!

Where does Double Fine Productions get their ideas? Well, when it’s not from Tim eating spicy food too close to bedtime, it’s from Amnesia Fortnight!

Amnesia Fortnight is a lawless, unforgiving, creative supernova - an internal game jam that we started in 2007 as a behind-the-closed-doors-of-the-chocolate-factory kind of a deal, but have now exposed to the public whether they want it or not!

Here’s how it works: We take two weeks off from whatever we’re working on, split the company into small teams, and give each team two weeks to make a game. It’s not easy or fair; but it is exciting. We do it to test out new ideas, and to test out new project leaders who feel ready to have a project of their own. Some of these project leaders will live, and the others, well, they will also live. But they will NEVER BE THE SAME.

For instance, they will all be two weeks older.

The new twist we added in 2012 is that YOU are an essential part of Amnesia Fortnight! You can vote for the ideas that get made into prototypes! And you can watch us making them. 2 Player Productions will be filming the process and posting videos daily. You will see all these games come together from scratch in front of your eyes!

After Amnesia Fortnight is over you can download the actual prototypes and play them yourselves. And then let us know what you think!

How much does this cost? That depends on you. You pay what you want, and decide how much money goes to charity. Yeah, you didn’t even know you were that good of a person, but it turns out, you totally are.

MORE NEW TWISTS! This year we have a special guest project leader, Pendleton Ward, bearded and beloved creator of Adventure Time! He is pitching his own ideas into the AF Thunderdome, and if you beat the average you can vote for which one we’ll prototype with Pen as the Project Leader!

Go back and read that last paragraph again because what we just said is too awesome to just read once.

Now please, watch all the game idea pitch videos and make your selections. Take your time if you want, reading the more in-depth info on each game idea, and discuss them in our forums if you like. But right now, before doing anything else, buy the bundle! Because then we’ll have that whole money thing out of the way and it won’t be awkward.

Who knows? Maybe the greatest game Double Fine has ever done will come out of this process, and you will have been part of it!

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