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Amnesia Fortnight is in full swing!

Chris Remo Chris Remo

With Amnesia Fortnight voting complete, and the top five ideas chosen, yesterday the whole company divvied up into teams and started making our prototypes!

The winning ideas were these:
Brandon Dillon’s Hack ‘n’ Slash
JP LeBreton’s Spacebase DF-9
Andy Wood’s The White Birch
Lee Petty’s Autonomous
Levi Ryken’s Black Lake

(Originally we were only going to make four, but it turns out we had the staff for an extra team!)

Every day, we’re live streaming team meetings and updates. Keep up with them at the Humble Bundle site, our channel, or at the top of this post. 2 Player Productions will also be releasing daily highlight videos showing standout moments from the teams each day. The first of those should be out soon! If you’re an Amnesia Fortnight Bundle owner, you’ll be able to find them in your Humble Bundle account page.

Don’t forget the bundle is still on sale even if you missed voting. It includes two past AF prototypes (Costume Quest and Happy Song), and the new prototypes when they’re complete. Plus, if you beat the average you also get a never-before-seen BRAZEN prototype, led by Brad Muir in a past Amnesia Fortnight! And three extra Brazen download keys so you can play co-op with your friends!

And if you want to dig into art updates and interact with the teams and your fellow video game connoisseurs, follow our Tumblr and browse the Amnesia Fortnight forums. There’s a forum for each game!

Phew, that’s a lot of updating! We hope you’re excited about AF as we are!

An image from the Double Fine archive.

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