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Day Of The Devs Is Back!

Harper Jay Harper

Good news everyone! Day of the Devs is back because it's already been almost a year since our last showcase and time has no meaning! Together with iam8bit, Geoff Keighley, and a mysterious cabal of enthusiastic contributors from around the gaming world, we'll be putting together a celebration of independent creators and their wonderful games.

It's once again going to part of Summer Game Fest, a blast of info about indie and AAA games. Day of the Devs is hyper-focused on sharing the work in smaller creators from around the world. This is the 9th year we've done it and it's a genuine privilege to keep going. The event itself will return in June and feature tons of in-depth looks at games and even a few live performances. So what's the next step to take?

Well, if you're someone working on a game we want to hear about it. Starting today you can submit your game to the festival using this link here. We encourage creators from diverse backgrounds to share their work. It's incredibly important to us that Day of the Devs be a global event that celebrates creates from everywhere.

The roster of games will be finalized over the next few weeks using a highly scientific process where we, you know, sit down and check out you game. If you're just a fan eager to see the festivities when the time comes you will be able to tune into the showcase via all major streaming platforms and

We look forward to your submissions and cannot wait to share your work with the world!

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