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Theiving cartoon characters roam wild and free.

Tim Schafer Tim



I am at this party in Seattle (Which seems strange, I know, because I live in San Francisco, but the thing you have forgotten is that I am the Living and Immortal Spirit of Good Times—I simultaneously exist at all parties in all dimensions simultaneously. Try it! Throw a party and I will show up and talk loud and, with a 60% certainty, spill some beverage in the kitchen and make the floor all wet and then spend at least a half hour apologizing and mopping up) and guess who’s there but Tycho from Penny Arcade. At first I don’t see him because I was not out looking for thieving web comic personalities, but then I see him and I’m all hey, and he’s all, what? And I’m all, dude! And he’s all, eh? And I’m all where’s my goddamn yo-yo punk! And he’s all, damn. Then I’m like, bro. And he’s all, yeah.

So it’s cool. We’re cool. Somehow we managed to overcome our differences (like the fact that I’m human and he’s a cartoon) and become best friends. You should have seen the hugging. Some people at the party cried. It was so beautiful. Then I totally perpetrated like I got a phone call and had to go. Man that guy is such a sucka!

I guess that’s why I love him.

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