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THOTH is out now!

James Spafford Spaff

Our latest Doubel Fine Presents title THOTH is out now for PC and Mac! Created by Jeppe Carlsen who was the lead puzzle designer on LIMBO and Inside, and also creator of recent DFP game 140, THOTH is an innovative and intense new entry in the twin-stick shooter genre, which you can conquer alone or cooperatively with a friend! (We highly recommend the co-op mode!)

Though it’s deeply rooted in the arcade tradition, THOTH also brings something unique to the table. Each stage in the game is specifically designed to require both puzzle solving and finesse to get through. Players constantly need to think about positioning and timing while making sure to both dodge enemies and avoid collisions.

Aesthetically, THOTH is a vibrant rush of colors, shapes, and patterns by artist Niels Fyrst, accompanied by a brutal soundtrack from electronic music pioneers Cristian Vogel & SØS Gunver Ryberg. The imposing aesthetics and the relentlessly demanding gameplay eventually induces a trance-like state in the player.

THOTH is out now on Steam, and Humble, with a 20% discount in launch week.

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