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Tim Schafer Tim

Well, it was really hard for the judges this year, but after many hours of deliberation they have finally chosen a winner for this year's Double Fine Diorama Contest! Woo!

Behold the picture above, the fine craftspersonship of Jess Fink. My favorite part is the pipe cleaner Hand of Galochio. Very frightening!

Thanks, also, to all of the other entries, of which they were none, because we didn't announce the Double Fine Diorama Contest in advance. In fact, we didn't even have a diorama contest, until I got the above picture in the mail and decided that not only did we have one, but that young Ms. Fink was the winner. You other slowpokes didn't stand a chance, I'm afraid. But hey, that's not our fault. Please direct any complaints to the winner.

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