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Harper Jay Harper

Hello folks and welcome to the new Double Fine DOT com! I'm your content and community manager Heather Alexandra and on behalf of the studio I'd like to say we're dang glad you're here. We've completely overhauled things here with a fresh new look, some eco-friendly technology, and a variety of behind the scene features. On that eco-friendly point: the website makes use of sustainable technologies where possible, including a hosting provider and CDN which are backed by 100% renewable energy. We've tried our best to make this site accessible, and compatible with assistive technologies like screen readers. Our web designer Tom Kiss, of Dodeca Studio, single-handedly built this thing and really knocked it out of the park and I'm very excited to assure this site becomes a fantastic place to be.

That won't just mean the return of Double Fine Action News; it will mean blogs and videos and interviews and more. We're still figuring some of that out but as things progress we'll add more and more features. Some of those things will be practical such as more information on the studio's diversity policy. Some of the things will be a bit looser. We might bring back the Action Cast or do some more game design breakdowns. Keep your eyes on this space!

Behold! A comic!

Not everything has survived the swap to the new site but a lot has. The end of Flash means that some of the older browsers games aren't available now but one day we hope to recover them, and we've done our best to preserve as much of site as we can. One of the most important archives is our comics section where you'll find all of the old classics like Dirt Nap, Tasha's Comic, and Scott C's Double Fine Action Comics. One of our goals is to use the website as a sort of repository for studio history. Dig into the games section and you'll find behind the scenes details, a few post-mortems and other treats. Like anything else, those will expand over time.

The end of 2020 marked the studio's 20th anniversary and even though the pandemic's made it hard to really celebrate with big events I'd like to consider the site a part of the festivities. It's not just a new blog about releases or whatever; it's a place where the history of the studio can live for anyone who wants to explore it.

Game pages will also feature cool concept art like this! Woah!

Of course, the biggest thing right now is Psychonauts 2. It's real and on the way. You can play most of it even if we're polishing things and making adjustments at the moment. We're all excited for the game's 2021 release. This site will be another location where project backers can read updates and we'll be sure to dot it with new information as we're able to share it. For now, I invite you to explore and enjoy the website. I'll be turning in into a wonderful jungle gym of content and articles and news and art and more. Today's launch is the first step on a new interweb-based adventure and we're glad to have you aboard!


Some faces and fashions of from the last couple of decades.

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