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Psychonauts 2 Project updates

Basic Braining Episode 5: Enemies

It's not just power and collectable that have expanded in Psychonauts 2. From Doubts and Regrets to Panic Attacks, here's a look at the new enemies you'll face off against within the mental world.

Basic Braining Episode 4: Collectables

If you want to get 100% completion in Psychonauts 2... these are the collectables you'll need to find!

Basic Braining Episode 3: Psychic Gadgets

Introducing the Thought Tuner, and Otto-Shot Camera

Basic Braining Episode 2: Psychic Powers

We shared info about the interns. Now it's time to break down Raz's abilities in this preview of Psychonauts 2!

Basic Braining Episode 1: The Interns!

A quick look at what to expect for game codes later this month, and a preview of some new characters you'll meet in Psychonauts 2!

Episode 17 - Lockdown, Baby!

As Psychonauts 2 draws closer to release, the Double Fine team is working hard to lock everything into place. Testers have played, feedback is being addressed, small tweaks and extra dialogue added, and preparations made for launch later this year.

Episode 16 - So Long 2020!

As 2020 winds down, here's a look at what's to come for Psychonauts 2. Spoilers: it's coming pretty dang soon!

Episode 15 - Breaking Down our "Brain in a Jar" Trailer

As Psychonauts 2 continues development, Double Fine celebrates 20 years of making games. And as things keep moving forward, we take some time to break down our latest level.

Episode 14 - A New Trailer!

Brains, colors, feeeelings, Jack Black! A fresh trailer shines light on a trippy level and new psychic power.

Episode 13 - This update comes to you straight from Tim's living room

We may be sheltering in place, but work on Psychonauts 2 continues. Let's find out what's been going on!

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