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Psychonauts 2 Project updates

Episode 25: M'rry Crimbus

A holiday message of thanks for all of you lovely people!

Episode 24: Physical Copies And More

Physical Releases are coming! Plushies are in the works! Plus: a new language!

Episode 23: Mac and Linux!

A micro-message bearing tidings of long-awaited platform releases!

Episode 22: New Languages And More!

A fresh patch brings new language support for more players and there's fresh news about Mac and Linux version of Psychonauts 2!

Episode 21: Quality of Life

A new patch is dropping for Psychonauts 2, bringing easier ways to find figments and gather any missing achievements.

Episode 20: It's Time!

Psychonauts 2 arrives next week. In this update, we'll look back at the process, reveal a new customization feature, and offer a smaller surprise too!

Basic Braining Episode 5: Enemies

It's not just power and collectable that have expanded in Psychonauts 2. From Doubts and Regrets to Panic Attacks, here's a look at the new enemies you'll face off against within the mental world.

Basic Braining Episode 4: Collectables

If you want to get 100% completion in Psychonauts 2... these are the collectables you'll need to find!

Basic Braining Episode 3: Psychic Gadgets

Introducing the Thought Tuner, and Otto-Shot Camera

Basic Braining Episode 2: Psychic Powers

We shared info about the interns. Now it's time to break down Raz's abilities in this preview of Psychonauts 2!

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