Project updates

Episode 16 - So Long 2020!

As 2020 winds down, here's a look at what's to come for Psychonauts 2. Spoilers: it's coming pretty dang soon!

Episode 15 - Breaking Down our "Brain in a Jar" Trailer

As Psychonauts 2 continues development, Double Fine celebrates 20 years of making games. And as things keep moving forward, we take some time to break down our latest level.

Episode 14 - A New Trailer!

Brains, colors, feeeelings, Jack Black! A fresh trailer shines light on a trippy level and new psychic power.

Episode 13 - This update comes to you straight from Tim's living room

We may be sheltering in place, but work on Psychonauts 2 continues. Let's find out what's been going on!

Episode 12 - The Team gets extra RAD

The aroma of deep-fried turkey, spoon-bread, corn-casserole and pecan pie is in the air, threatening to lure us all from our desks for a few days of relaxation, family and feasting.

Episode 11 - Our Psychonautical E3

It’s been a couple of weeks since we returned from E3, but only now do we feel recovered; rejuvenated by a long weekend of BBQs and fireworks. It was one hell-of-a show though, possibly our busiest ever!

Episode 10 - Asif Joins the Team, Plus E3 plans

There was a strong temptation to make E3 into our next project update for you all, but although it really is close now, it still felt like we’d be silent for a bit too long if we waited. Handily though we have an inspiring team related tale to tell, and this feels like the perfect time to do so.

Episode 9 - Heading into Alpha

Strike Teams! Alpha! Trailers! Christmas! It's all happening!

Dispatches from Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp

Watch a Minisode all about our camp trip this summer!

The Rewards are coming!

The first batch of physical rewards is about to head your way!