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Basic Braining Episode 4: Collectables

Hi folks! Heather here with a very quick one because I think the video will speak for itself. We've another Basic Braining episode and it''s all about collectables. Now, some of theses will be familiar to fans. You'll still be collecting PSI-cores and cards to level up your rank and finding figments (redesigned to reflect each mind a little better while also being easier to see compared to the background) and even hunting emotional baggage.

But there are some new things in store that will affect Raz in some pretty serious ways. The first are Nuggets of Wisdom; these are new items that will raise his rank automatically by one whole rank. We're going to outline the progression system a bit later but know that higher ranks eventually will have more ways to augment their abilities so leveling up is pretty important. In addition to this, there are Half a Brains in each level. If you find both of them, they'll splat together to form a full brain and give you one more unit of health. Some are easy to find and close together; others are much. trickier and will require hunting.

We hope that these extra elements will allow players to feel a pretty steady sense of progression. Each figments, nugget, core, and brain all help Raz grow into a more powerful Psychonauts and will help you as the challenge ramps up.

It's all broken down in the video above. Hope you enjoy it and the additional videos to come. We'll be in more constant communication as launch approaches!

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