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Basic Braining Episode 3: Psychic Gadgets

Hi folks!

Heather here with a short but sweet episode of “Basic Braining!” So far we’ve talked about the interns and some of Raz’s powers, but what about other cool things you can do around the game world? Well, fabled member of the Psychic Six and head of Psychonauts R&D, Otto Mentallis, has created a few fun toys for folks to play with… ahem, I mean for folks to treat with the most serious care while out in the field.

These are outlined in the episode but let’s break it down some more!

First up is the Thought Tuner. In some ways, this reminds me of the dowsing rod from the first game except it is easier to use. You’re not hunting for currency in this case; you’re looking for stay thoughts around the world.

As you explore the Motherlobe or the areas outside the HQ, you might get a feeling that some stray thoughts are nearby.Popping the Thought Tuner on your head and doing a little hot/cold search for stray thoughts can lead to fresh nodes that Raz can use Mental Connection on.

This process is essential to finding all the hidden items in the game, so all you cool folks going for completionist runs will have plenty of reason to use the Tuner.

The second gadget is the Otto-Shot Camera. That’s right, we've got a photo mode and it’s pretty fun! You can use the Otto-Shot to freeze the game and take pictures of the world, or stylish selfies that you'll find Raz is very fond of posing for.

Distant shores of someones mind

If you’re a dedicated photographer, you'll find additional filters and special effects for sale at any Otto-Matic Shop, allowing you to create even more artistic scenes. I took the picture above using the Otto-Shot, placing Raz into a calm meditation pose on the shoreline of a distant mind that we’ve not fully revealed yet! This one below shows off a slightly... cheekier pose.

Otto regretting his decision to lend Raz the Otto-Shot

There are a lot of chances for creativity here, and we can’t wait to see what amazing action-photography or comedy shots you’ll manage to snag.

That’s it for now but tune in next week for even more episodes of “Basic Braining” to learn about such exciting things as Collectables, Enemies, and Upgrades. Until then, here's Episode 3 of Basic Braining...

Double Fine TV

Basic Braining Episode 3 - Psychic Gadgets

Double Fine TV

A gallery of pictures taken with the Otto-Shot Camera

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