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Episode 19: Launch Prep And The Interns!

Hello folks!

Heather and Spaff here to give you all the information you’re gonna need ahead of Psychonauts 2’s launch. As the lunch date of August 25th draws close, we want to help clarify what the process for grabbing your game code will be. It’s going to be pretty straightforward as codes are delivered on the 24th and subsequent rewards come after that. Here’s the breakdown!

We will distribute keys via Humble Bundle on Aug 24th (PST)

  • You will get an email from them with more information on how to access the keys on this date.
  • If you do not see your email, simply log into Humble with the email you used to back this project with and you should find your code there.
  • If you encounter any difficulties, contact

MOST BACKERS will get one code for Psychonauts 2 on PC

(Basic Braining, $33/$39 and above)

  • You will get to choose between Steam, Humble or GOG.
  • The DRM free choices are Humble or GOG.
  • This code will also unlock the Mac and Linux versions on all three of these platforms once those are available. The current ETA for these builds is Winter 2021. We apologize for the delay.

SOME backers also opted for a console add-on

  • If you also got a console add-on you will be given a choice between PS4 and Xbox
  • The Xbox code will work for Xbox One and Series S/X for all regions
  • PS4 codes will work on PS5 via backwards compatibility!
  • PS4 owners will also have to choose a region:
    • US and EU regions will be available at launch
    • Japan and Asia Regions will be coming soon
  • You will get this code in addition to your PC code.

We are sorry to say that if you did not get this add-on when the campaign was live, there is no way to upgrade at this point.

SOME Backers will be getting a physical version of the game on PC

(PSI-Cadet $100 and above)

  • The physical games will ship after launch - time frame TBD.
  • We will communicate with backers regarding this reward to ensure it is sent to the appropriate address. If you have any questions, message us at
  • You will get both a digital code and a physical game.

SOME Backers have additional Digital Rewards

(I Am The Milkman $69 and above)

  • The game’s soundtrack will become available via your Humble page when it is finalized.
  • It’s very big and the game’s composer Peter McConnell is working hard to master it in time for launch. We hope it will arrive alongside the game but it might arrive slightly later.The 2 Player Productions documentary series will begin airing before the end of the year.
  • The time frame for the digital art book’s distribution is still being determined at this time.

Remaining Physical Rewards

We will put out a more detailed update on the remaining physical rewards soon! If we haven’t mentioned it here, that’s when we’ll chat more about it!

Basic Braining: The Interns!

Now that we’re at the end of the road and Psychonauts 2 is ready to launch, we also want to take these last few weeks to really introduce you to the game world and story. This series of updates will outline powers and ability customization, as well as help you get up to date on the current state of affairs.

Today, we’re gonna talk about the interns. When Raz arrives at the Motherlobe, he’s not quite a hot shot secret agent yet, he’s added to the intern program. This brings a new cast of cool psychic kids with various powers and side-quests. We promised a closer look some time ago and here it is: a sneak-peek at Raz’s new peers in Psychonauts 2. Who they are, what abilities they have, and what went into designing a fresh generation of psychic pals! We’ll release more and more of these previews in the next few days!

End of the day: it’s almost here after all this time and we’ll all be able to enjoy Raz’s newest adventure very soon! Expect more communication as we work to ensure backers have their copies and additional rewards. Thank you so much for your patience and support. We hope you’ll have a great time exploring the game!

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