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Episode 25: M'rry Crimbus

Hello one and all! This is Harper speaking to you through the intertoobs on behalf of everyone here at Double Fine. It's been a quiet end of year, at least by appearance and updates, but that's because we've been heads down in a variety of projects that we're eager to share with you. Psychonauts 2 was a huge undertaking and wow, it's over a year from release! But the world keeps turning and there's plenty of magic and mischief to be had. In time, we'll invite you to fresh worlds of mystique and mayhem. But I digress...

For now, we want to focus on you and your wonderful friendship. Double Fine's been really lucky and 99.9999% of that has to do with your support. As the end of year approaches and families gather for all sorts of holidays, we want to offer out deepest regards. Which sounds fancy! Oh, indeed! We offer regards! But I use that word because it's more than thanks. It's a whole tossed-salad of thanks and high fives.

Seriously: thank you and please enjoy the holidays. No matter where you are and what you celebrate, enjoy the time with folks you love and the chance to clear your mind for the next year. It's bound to be full of excitement and opportunity. Who knows what we might stumble into?

This year's holiday card is packed with roly-poly birds and a couple of additional friends. Let these pals fill your imagination with cheer. Moving into the start of next year, we'll continue working on what's to come but we'll also share a long look at what's in the past as 2 Player Productions finally releases our epic-length look at the five year development of Psychonauts 2. Be it future or past, there is plenty of Doubly Fine adventures around the corner.

We'll see you all in 2023!

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