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Episode 22: New Languages And More!

Hello folks! Harper here with some backer updates! We’ve made some additions to Psychonauts 2 and progress on important fronts that we hope will help backers (and players everywhere) enjoy the game even more. Let’s start with the two largest updates:

New Languages!

First off, as promised at the start of this year, we’ve implemented two new language options into the game: Russian and Latin American Spanish! These have been planned for some time and we’re very excited to deliver them to players. Beyond subtitles, these extra languages also adjust and update in-game signs and directions so that the world feels a little more familiar. Here's an example!

It is a goal here at Double Fine that we offer these options to as many players as we’re able. It can be a long process and we appreciate everyone’s patience. I can’t say if we will be able to add more language options immediately but we discuss it often. Please enjoy these new language additions as you explore the Motherlobe and beyond.

Our most recent patch also has two small but important updates: it fixes the stability of the Strike City end of level checkpoint and updates the touchscreen layouts for xCloud streaming. This should help resolve some errors that players may have encountered.

Mac and Linux!

I can finally (finally!) update everyone about the MacOS and Linux versions of Psychonauts 2. I’m dang glad to say that Mac and Linux versions will be available on all major storefronts next week.

For those of you eager to play these versions, you do not need to ask for an extra game key. Everything will be provided on your Humble Games page. Please contact Humble for support - but please also remember these aren't live yet.

This has been a long journey and I know some players really wanted to play these versions sooner; time was taken to ensure they’re solid ports. The wait’s basically over! We’ll update next week as soon as they are available.

Rewards Update!

We are closer and closer to being able to share details on those few remaining rewards. I'm sure you are sick of hearing it, but COVID-19 has significantly disrupted supply chains around the world and that does affect things like plush toys and other goods. We’re working with various partners to bring everything to your doorstep and I’m eager to make announcements on that front as we get more news.

Bits and Bobs!

Let’s not only talk about technical stuff! Let’s enjoy things. If you’re an animator or just want some behind the scenes information on how Psychonauts 2 was made, we highly recommend looking at this GDC talk from Lead Character Artist David Russel and Character Artist Zahra Amirabadi. It breaks down how new characters were made, outlines how returning characters were updated, and has a live demonstration of some of the techniques that make it possible.

If you’re looking to enjoy Psychonauts 2 from a different angle, we’ve enjoyed this playthrough by YouTuber and Licensed Therapist Dr. Mick. There’s plenty of perspective on what he likes about the game and even welcome reinterpretations and criticisms. It’s a really great Let’s Play for anyone eager to dive into the game once more.

Thanks for being great! We’ll update everyone very soon as our new releases… well, uh… release! Until then: look alive, Cadets!

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