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BAFTED again!

See what I mean? Right after I put up that post about our award nominations, I get scooped! By my own comments section!
It turns out we are also nominated for a BAFTA for Brütal Legend’s story. Very exciting!

I will admit that as far as trophies go, I think I like the BAFTA most of all. If you win you get this eerie golden mask that makes you feel like you belong to a satanic cult or a sect of sun worshipers. Or maybe you’re an extra in Eyes Wide Shut. And it has a hole in one eye that you can look through just like that old Steve Austin action figure with the Bionic Eye, except I would never hold that BAFTA mask up to my face in fear of it melding with my flesh and making me dance like Jim Carrey.

02/18/2010 - 07:23 PM
02/18/10 - 10:51 PM

"Do I smell a Zappa reference in the title or is my Zappa fandom causing me to relate it to the similarly titled Zappa song? Regardless, congratulations! I can guarantee that wearing that mask would make you look like a winner. A BAFTA winner to be precise."
02/19/10 - 04:25 AM

"I think it would be awesome if you could win enough BAFTA awards for each of Double Fine's team members, and then you all wear them and go walking down the street, Mafia style."
02/20/10 - 05:41 AM
Ninja Dodo:

"Well-deserved. On an unrelated note would it be possible to separate the news and comics RSS feeds? I like both but I read blogs at a different pace (and time) than I do comics, plus an RSS reader isn't really the best format to read comics in."
09/06/15 - 07:08 PM
James 33:

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