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THE DEMO DROPS TODAY!!! Hey, what the Hell is This Thing?

I went into my local Gamestop (hey, what’s up, store #4437! Thanks for the Scribblenauts hat!) so I could, of course, pre-order Brütal Legend and get a code for the awesome demo that’s out September 17. (Oh my god! That’s today! What a coincidence!) And look what I found there! This awesome thing!!

At first, I’ll admit, I was kind of confused. As you can see in the photo, it was like when Early Man encountered his first soda machine. “Grrr! What is this thing? They’ve taken an image… from the game I’m making… and used it to create… a large piece of decorative cardboard! Grrr!”

And then I realized—this is MARKETING. I’ve heard so much about it, and now here it is! I’m scared and bewildered, but also excited. And a little mad that I don’t have one in my office yet. Hint, hint.

Are there more of these? Do you have one of these in your local game store? Hm, that gives me an idea. Let’s start a Brütal standee photo collection thread. Skip on down to your local game store and take a picture of yourself with the Brütal Legend standee that you hopefully find there, and post your picture on our forums.

If you don’t find a standee there, BURN THE STORE TO THE GROUND.

Ha ha. Just kidding. Do not burn anything. But maybe ask them where the hell their awesome Brütal Legend standee is. And shake your fist. And in your other hand, hold up a burning photo of their store for them to think about. Or take a picture of someone burning a store, and show that to them. Or take that photo of the burning store and make a cardboard standee out of it, and then take your picture in front of it, and then post the picture here.

Confused? Here is what you need to know: Go to Gamestop and pre-order Brütal Legend, and then play the awesome demo! Don’t burn anything!

09/17/2009 - 09:18 PM
09/17/09 - 10:15 PM

"Ooh, $5 off! Pre-ordered that beast. I hope there's an achievement for playing until my eyes bleed."
09/17/09 - 10:37 PM

"Why is there no Brutal Legend Promotional Gaffer Tape? You could totally brand the crap out of that stuff. "Hey, how did you fix the power source for my amp?" "I used this Brutal Legend Promotional Gaffer Tape" "Wow, that stuff sure is useful AND promotional. Can I have some? To show my girlfriend?" "No, because you are not a roadie, or even the soundman for your local venue. The art of this will be lost on you." "Gee then, I'd better spend that money I'd been saving for a new pink guitar on a pink Xbox and hope for the best" "Yes." "I've got a MySpace" "You can't put gaffer tape on a MySpace, thus it cannot be metal" Etc. Get on it Schafer."
09/18/09 - 12:54 AM

"I'd buy some of that on eBay."
09/18/09 - 04:43 AM
Mr. Johnson:

"But I'm a European, what am I supposed to do?"
09/18/09 - 07:32 AM

"Guitar Hero being covered by Eddie's butt. I like that."
09/18/09 - 08:24 AM

"Ooh, Brutal Legend gaffer-tape! I wants some!"
09/18/09 - 08:24 AM

"My evil country (UK) will not let me do any of the things I've been instructed to do... No Gamestop. No pre-order demo! Why is the world such a hideously cruel and terrible place? Why, Tim, why??? :("
09/18/09 - 08:46 AM

"Thunderpeel...GAME's offering the same deal :)"
09/18/09 - 08:53 AM

"i managed to get a code! also, the demo is awesome!"
09/18/09 - 07:55 PM

"what do i do? i already pre-ordered a while ago... does this mean i don't get the code? what do i do?!?!?! please PM on the forums if you have help. i desperately need you're help!!!"
09/18/09 - 09:21 PM

"Why, yes I would love to go to the store and preorder. What's this? No PC version? Well, shucks. Unless Tim wants to buy me an Xbox, I'm outta luck. Alas, and alack... (apologies for my bitterness-- it's supposed to be humor)"
09/18/09 - 11:39 PM

"The demo was AWESOME. I can't wait for the final version in Rocktober!"
09/19/09 - 03:38 PM

"What about those of us outwith the US?"
09/20/09 - 03:17 AM

"You made me laugh. Now my sides are hurting, and I spilled my entire cola all over the living room. Also I cannot locate my cat. Thanks a lot Tim Schafer."
09/20/09 - 03:02 PM

"My gamestop didn't have a cardboard cutout and I couldn't burn it down cause I left my zippo lighter at home. I'll burn it down when I go to get my copy of the greatest game ever on rocktober 13th. The demo was awesome, everything I expected and more. Great work Doublefine."
09/22/09 - 02:17 AM
General Balls:

"Damnit, Tim! Where's mah PC version?"
09/24/09 - 01:50 PM

"Tim i got a serious question for you, I was one of the few lucky gamestop (store 5050 FTW, #71 in the whole company, WOOT!!!)workers to fight to the death and WIN, and get to take the brutal ledgend standee home =D, but i was thinking, since im pretty close to you guys (woodland, like 80 miles), could a send my super awesome standee to u guys and every awesome person in double fine's employment (even the janitors, lol) sign it? what if i could get you another standee for your office? ehhhhhhhhh?"
09/24/09 - 02:24 PM

"ps. i tried to send you the idea for the brutal legend standee, a while back in the unpaid intern email box, lol"
09/24/09 - 02:43 PM

"pss. my email is, tell me that isn't a cool email, I DARE U TIM!!! don't be a stranger =D"
09/24/09 - 07:07 PM

"I actually convinced the people at my gamestop to let me have the standee once they get clearance to take it down, so do I get bonus points?"
09/24/09 - 07:11 PM

"oops, I guess I'm not the only one!"
09/27/09 - 06:02 PM
The Tingler:

"So is Europe not getting the demo then? It's still not on Live..."
09/27/09 - 07:52 PM

"They removed the one in our Gamestop about a month ago - ironically, the day before the first Sunday (which they claim is the day they switch out their standees) which my friend called to see if he could snag it before it hit the trash. Bastards!"
05/29/15 - 08:13 AM

"Exactly I'm also agree with what the hell is this thing How to No No :P"
09/06/15 - 07:35 PM
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