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The Weekly Double Fine Action Sale of the Week: LILI T-SHIRT.


UPDATE!!! To further assist in combating rampant over-masculinity, we are discounting the Lili t-shirt EVEN MORE. Its price has been slashed a full 50% down to $9! Get on that!

Hey manly men. Do you sometimes worry you are TOO manly? That your raw, intimidating masculinity and power is interfering with the normal operation of your life?

The blue Lili guy’s-cut shirt is for you. It complements your otherwise overwhelming manliness with a touch of tasteful, sky-blue restraint. It makes life livable again. Just ask Justin here.


Yes, it’s another Weekly Double Fine Action Sale of the Week. This blue tee featuring Lili from Psychonauts is 33% 50% off, meaning peace of mind is only $12 $9 away.


07/02/2012 - 12:37 PM
07/02/12 - 06:39 PM
DF Allison:

"One of the company vikings."
07/02/12 - 11:55 PM

"How many Vikings work at Double Fine exactly?"
07/03/12 - 12:43 AM
David Marchand:

"I have the exact opposite problem. Might be needing a Justin T-shirt."
07/05/12 - 03:52 PM

"I assure you I don't mean this in a bad or mean way, but this guy looks almost exactly like one of the artist alley dogs from Black Velvetopia, especially in the bottom right pic."
08/15/12 - 03:36 AM

"Here comes the power of mustaches and axe! ha-ha! it`s even better looking than сигналы форекс"
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