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We’re having a PAX party! And a panel! And you can help!

Our first two experiences setting up shop at PAX—PAX Prime 2012 and PAX East 2013—have been excellent, so let’s do it again! We’re going back to PAX Prime in Seattle in a couple weeks, and we hope to see you there! Here’s the rundown of what we’ll be up to.


We’ve got a great booth right next to our PAX East boothmates, Capy! A bunch of DFers will be hanging out there throughout the four-day expo, including Tim, Brad Muir, Nathan “Bagel” Stapley, Greg Rice, Chris Remo, Denise Gollaher, Justin Bailey, and Su Liu. Plus some great fan volunteers—see below if you’d like to help out.

Tim will be conducting the usual daily signing sessions, and in a new addition to our PAX lineup, Bagel will be doing live painting events! Stop by the booth during the show to check the posted times for both these recurring events. Of course we’ll also have a bevy of DF gear on sale, including some new items yet to be unveiled.


Join us Sunday at 3pm in the Kraken Theatre. Tim, Brad, Greg, and Chris will be discussing our experiences with open, fan-oriented development on games like Broken Age and MASSIVE CHALICE, sharing examples of how community interaction has influenced the teams and affected Double Fine as a studio. We’ll be taking questions and showing off materials from the projects, so don’t miss it.


Our last PAX Prime fan meetup on the upper floor of the Seattle Hard Rock Cafe went so well, we decided to book the same space and do it again! Join us Sunday from 6pm to 10pm at 116 Pike St. It’s a short five-block straight shot down Pike from the convention center. Many excellent memories will be generated!


During PAX East we took on a small staff of fan volunteers to make sure our booth ran smoothly. It worked so preposterously well that we’re doing it again—and several of the original crew is coming back to help us out again! They’re the best. But of course a few of them couldn’t make it for Prime, so we’re looking to staff back up. If you love Double Fine games, are friendly and outgoing, can commit to at least two half-day shifts over the course of the weekend, and would like to help us out, send us an email! Include any relevant experience and whether you already have a PAX pass, and mention any days or times you wouldn’t be able to help out.

Please note that this is an unpaid volunteer position, but we do have a limited number of additional full PAX passes! If you’ll be in the area and don’t have a pass (and meet the other criteria listed above), this could work out pretty well!

EDIT: We’ve got all the volunteers we need—thanks to those who got in touch!


We’re excited! This is going to be real fun times.

08/15/2013 - 06:32 PM
08/15/13 - 08:06 PM

"What day is the party? Only times were listed."
08/15/13 - 09:39 PM

"Wish I could be there! Hope it goes well :D"
08/15/13 - 10:59 PM
DF Chris Remo:

"My bad! The party is on Sunday."
08/16/13 - 07:47 PM

"Also small error in that 2nd volunteer paragraph. please not that this is an unpaid should probably be please note"
09/27/13 - 01:03 AM
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