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Dirt Nap #235: Extra Life

Dirt Nap #235: Extra Life
Dirt Nap #235: Extra Life

Panel 1:
John Doe is shown sitting up, pushing his brain back in to a hole in his head.

Panel 2:
John Doe is now crouching, with a frown and determined expression on his face, staring at something out-of-frame.

Panel 3:
John Doe is shown standing above Agent Ross, who is sat up on the floor, covered in splats of bloody splats.
Agent Ross looks at John Doe and says "WHAT IS THIS? MUST I KILL YOU A THIRD TIME?"

Panel 4:
Agent Ross is now stood up and John Doe lunges in to him, biting in to his shoulder with a loud slurping sound.
Agent Ross is falling over backwards, looking surprised and shouting "GUH!"

Signed copyright 2015 Gabe Cinquepalmi.

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