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Dirt Nap #236: Futility

Dirt Nap #236: Futility
Dirt Nap #236: Futility

Panel 1:
John Doe is shown straddling Agent Ross, who is lying on the ground with his chest cavity open. John Doe discards an organ behind him, whilst eating another organ he holds in his other hand.

Panel 2:
Agent Ross is shown wearily stretching out his left arm to a pistol, which is just out of reach, whilst John Doe continues to eat parts of him.

Panel 3:
Agent Ross is shown, gun in hand and a smile creeping on to his face. He grips the gun, whilst at the same time, John Doe's hand is shown pulling on a large artery from Ross's neck.

Panel 4:
The artery is shown breaking with a loud SNAP!
Agent Ross's head hits the ground with a THUNK! His eyes have shut.

Signed copyright 2015 Gabe Cinquepalmi.

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