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Dirt Nap #237: A Fix

Dirt Nap #237: A Fix
Dirt Nap #237: A Fix

Panel 1:
A close up of a bloody hand is shown picking up Agent Ross' distinctive glasses.

Panel 2:
John Doe is shown straddling the corpse of Agent Ross, affixing putting his glasses back in to place on his head. 

Panel 3:
The corpse of Agent Ross is shown lying on the ground, with his glasses neatly sat in place on his head. His face is missing, and is mostly skull.

Panel 4:
John and Ellie are shown standing next to each other, looking down at the corpse of Agent Ross with somewhat blank expressions.
Ellie says to John, "DID YOU HAVE TO EAT HIS FACE?".
John replies "I DIDN'T HAVE TO...".

Signed copyright 2015 Gabe Cinquepalmi.

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