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Dirt Nap #243: Duckworth Redux

Dirt Nap #243: Duckworth Redux
Dirt Nap #243: Duckworth Redux.

Panel 1:
Phineas Ross is sat at a desk in his office. Duckworth is standing at the door and asks "Sir, did you hear who Pendersnoot chose for his running mate?". Phineas Ross replies: "RUNNING MATE? What are you going on about, Duckworth? Pendersnoot is rotting in a cell in the basement.". Duckworth responds "I don't think he is, sir. I just saw him giving a speech on the news.".

Panel 2:
A close up of Phineas Ross is shown, and he exclaims. "WHAT? How is that POSSIBLE? Why are you just telling me this!?".

Panel 3:
A close up of Duckworth shows him replying. "Well, Dr. Ross had me out scouring the river for the Sanchez Torso. He told me that the Pendersnoot situation was well in hand..."

Signed copyright 2020 Gabe Cinquepalmi.

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