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Dropchord Credits

A Double Fine Production

Concept: Patrick Hackett
Patrick Hackett, Drew Skillman
Audio Director:
Brian Min
Ben Burbank, Patrick Hackett
Visual Effects:
Drew Skillman, Panya Inversin
Audio Design:
Brian Min, Brian Correia
Original Music:
Brian Trifon, Jon Shamieh, Paul ORourke, Sam Hulick, Austin Wintory
Gabe Miller
Quality Assurance:
Daniel Pangelina, Tony Lo, Justin Honegger

Studio Creative Director: Tim Schafer
Director of Product Dev:
Isa Stamos
VP of Business Dev:
Justin Bailey
Studio Technical Director:
Nathan Sun Martz
Brand Manager: Greg Rice
Operations Manager:
Denise Gollaher
Office Manager:
Laura OBrien
Office Assistant:
Allison Thomas
Brent Shinn, Justin Honegger
Quality Assurance Manager:
Daniel Pangelina
Quality Assurance Testers:
Tony Lo, Victor Romero

Dracogen Inc

Founder and CEO: Steven Dengler
Dracogen Would Like To Thank:
Bruna Pace, Raffaele Dengler, Beric Dengler, Double Fine, Ash Vickers and

Special Thanks

Avinash Dabir, David Holz, Michael Buckwald, Andy Miller, Will Wright, Rhoda Bagorio, Jesse Johansen, Katrina Haus, Jess Burbank, Katrina Tilds, Darren Lund, David Jenkins

Thanks to Everyone At Leap Motion!

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