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Grim Fandango Remastered Cast & Credits


Tony Plana Manuel Calavera
Maria Canals Mercedes Colomar
Alan Blumenfeld Glottis
Jim Ward Hector LeMans
Patrick Dollaghan Domino Hurley
Paula Killen Olivia Ofrenda
Sal Lopez Salvador Limones
Rachel Reenstra Eva
Joe Nipote Clown
Michael Sorich Don Copal
Peter Lurie Celso Flores
Jack Angel Bruno Martinez
Tom Kane Raoul
Bill Capizzi Maximino
Daragh O’Malley Nick Virago
Milton James Membrillo
Kay Kuter Velasco
Morgan Hunter Toto Santos
Raphael Sbarge Terry Malloy
Pamela Segall Carla
Barry Dennen Chief Bogen
Terri Ivens Lupe
Keith Szarabajka Bowlsley
Barbara Goodson Lola
Pamela Segall Pugsy
Katie Leigh Bibi
David Jeremiah Aitor
Jack Angel Chepito
Michael Sorich Tube Repairman
Joe Nipote Chowchilla Charlie
David Jeremiah Alexi
Jim Ward Gunnar
Peter Lurie Slisko
Jim Ward Doug
Barry Dennen Beat Waiter
Kay Kuter Croupier
Jack Angel Large Hitman
Milton James Skinny Hitman
Raphael Sbarge First Mayan Mechanic
Tom Kane Second Mayan Mechanic
Tom Kane Gate Keeper
Keith Szarabajka Unicycle Man
Barry Dennen First Thunder Boy
David Jeremiah Second Thunder Boy
Katie Leigh Makeup Woman
Raphael Sbarge Ensign Arnold
Jack Angel Seaman Naranja
Tom Kane Cat Track Announcer

Original Credits

Writer & Project Leader Tim Schafer
Lead Artist Peter Tsacle
Lead Programmer Bret Mogilefsky
Conceptual Artist Peter Chan
Music Composed and Produced by Peter McConnell
Lead Sound Designer Jeff Kliment
Voice Producer/Director Darragh O’Farrell
Assistant Designers Peter Tsacle, Eric Ingerson, Peter Chan and Bret Mogilefsky
Production Manager Lleslle Aclaro
Production Coordinator Linda Villalobos Grisanti
Pre-Production Manager Casey Donahue Ackley
Programmers Kevin Bruner, Chuck Jordan, Chris Purvis and Tim Schafer
Character Animation Eric Ingerson, Mark Hamer, Chris Schultz, David Bogan, Vamberto Maduro, Suzanne House, Chris Miles and Simon Allen
Background Artists Paul Zinnes, Paul Topolos, John McLaughlin, Ralph Gerth, Adam Schnitzer and Gaurav Mathur
Texture Artists Japeth Pieper and Sara Simon
Character Design Peter Tsacle and Chris Miles
Lead Art Technician Troy Molander
Art Technicians Albert Chen, Rebecca Perez, Josef Richardson and Lleslle Aclaro
Additional Art Technicians Jillian Moffett and C. Andrew Nelson
Additional 3D Modeling Steve Chen, Kyle Balda, Greg Gladstone and Marc Benoit
Music and Sound Production
Music Engineered and Mixed by Jeff Kliment
Additional Music Production Hans Christian Reumschüssel
Sound Designers Nick Peck, Andy Martin, Julian Kwasneski and Clint Bajakian
Additional Sound Programming Nick Peck
Sound Production Supervision Michael Land, Jeff Kliment and Clint Bajakian
Special Voice Effects Jeff Kliment, Nick Skrepetos at Human Machine Interfaces and Inc.
Additional Voice Processing Clint Bajakian and Julian Kwasneski
iMUSE Music System Michael McMahon, Michael Land and Peter McConnell
Sound Department Manager Michael Land
Sound Department Coordinator Kristen Becht
Charango Provided by Martin Schafer
Voice Production
Senior Voice Editor Khris Brown
Voice Editors Coya Elliott, Cindy Wong and Will Beckman
Voice Department Manager Tamlynn Niglio
Voice Production Coordinator Peggy Bartlett
Voices Recorded at ScreenMusic Studios, Studio City and California
Engineer Gordon Suffield
Assistant Engineer Lisa Carlon
Lead Tester Theresa O'Connor
Assistant Lead Tester Derek Flippo
Quality Assurance Testers Karsten Agler, Deedee Anderson, Jo Ashburn, John Buzolich, Leland Chee, John Drake, Stephen McManus, Catherine Haigler, Brad Grantham, Alex Neuse, Todd Stritter, Jesse Moore, Bhagavat Das, Orion Nemeth, June Park, Jeff Sanders, Brent Jay Andaya Jalipa II, Christopher John Snyder, John Hannon and Steve Dauterman
Compatibility Supervisor Chip Hinnenberg
Compatibility Technicians Lynn Taylor, Jim Davison, Doyle Gilstrap, Dan Mihoerck, Jason Lauborough, Charlie W. Smith, Darren Brown and Scott Tingley
Quality Assurance Manager Mark Cartwright
Quality Assurance Supervisors Dan Pettit and Dan Connors
Renderdroid Engine and Tools Ray Gresko, Robert Huebner, Che-Yuan Wang and Winston Wolff
Insane Video Compression by Vince Lee
Launcher/Installer Nolan Erck and Darren Johnson
16-Bit Rasterizers Stephen Ash
Level Editor Adapted by Amit Shalev
Additional Sector Editing Trey Turner
Additional Tools Andre Bremer
Additional Programmers Hwei-Li Tsao, Mark Cooke and Aric Wilmunder
Special thanks to Waldemar Celes, Roberto Ierusalimschy, and Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo and Computer Graphics Technology Group of PUC-Rio
Technical Writers Lynn Taylor and Chip Hinnenberg
Burning Goddesses Wendy "Cupcake" Kaplan and Kellie "Twinky" Walker
Language Consulting Rey Castro
Research Specialist Rain Jokinen
Race Cat Names by The Grim Fandango Team and Michele Harrell
"Home Sweet Home", Traditional Arranged and adapted by Peter McConnell
"Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe" Theme by Michael Land
Product Marketing Manager Tom Byron
Public Relations Manager Tom Sarris
Public Relations Specialist Heather Twist
Public Relations Assistant Josh Moore
Marketing Coordinator Anne Barson
Internet Marketing Specialist Jason Deadrich
International Production
Localization Manager Carole Degoulet
Int. Production Coordinator Leon Susen
Int. Development Specialists Gwen Musengwa and Judith Lucero
Int. Development Manager Aric Wilmunder
Int. Lead Testers Matthew Azeveda and Dana Fong
Director of International Simon Jeffery
International Business Manager Lisa Star
International Operations Supervisor Judy Edghill
International Business Assistant Kathy Apostoli
National Sales Manager Meredith Cahill
Senior Sales Operations Manager Jason Horstman
Key Account Specialist David Gershik
Sales Assistant Katy Walden
Direct Sales Specialist Kari Zanotto
Manual Jo Ashburn and Mollie Boero
Manual Design Patty Hill
Package Design Soo Hoo Design and Peter Tsacle
Product Support
Product Support Manager Dan Gossett
Product Support Supervisor Dave Harris
Hint Line Supervisor Tabitha Tosti
Product Support Representatives Karsten Agler, Wes Anderson, Tony Burquez, Brian Carlson, Scott Carter, Larry Collins, Jay Geraci, Brad Grantham, Lloyd Hess, Beau Kayser, Eric Knudson, David Leighton, Matt Murphy, Bob McGehee, Paul Purdy, Alejandro Romero, Scott Taylor, Amy Tiller and Steven Young
Information Systems
Manager of Information Systems James Wood
UNIX Systems Administrators Jessica Forys, Richard Trott, Ed Chin and Dick Blair
Information Systems Coordinators Laurel Elaine Woods and Vince Clark
Computer Systems Technicians Tom Caudle, Jim Gordon, Ian Campbell, Erik Ellestad and Kevin Von Aspern
Network Administrators Randy Severson and Ian Campbell
Applications Programmer Adam Feinglass
Database Applications Programmer John Kenny
Art Department
Director of Art Karen Chelini
Technical Manager Jessica Forys
Art Department Administrator Allison Purdy
Art Department Coordinator Lisa Henley
Business Affairs
Director of Business Affairs and General Counsel Jeremy Salesin
Corporate Counsel Jocelynn Lamm
Legal Secretary Jannett Shirley-Paul
Controller Thomas F. McCarthy III
Assistant Controller Dan Nystrom
Financial Planning Ann Marie Nemanich and Heidi Hess
Payroll Michelle Lessley
Accountants Robin Visaya, Sharon Lengele, Dan Tye, Greg Robles, Cynthia Rodriguez, Annie Loughran, Laurie Baggs, Debbie Epidendio, Neena Bonetti, Melissa Galicia, Diana Casas and Sharon Lengele
Credit Mary Beth Ratto and Teena Gaulke
Purchasing Agent Richard Quiñones and Shane Hanson
Human Resources
Director of Human Resources Edie Dykstra
Human Resources Supervisor Holly Green
Recruiter Sangeeta Prashar
Administrator Colleen Wilson
Administrative Assistant Pat Woo
Administration and Facilities Manager Catherine Durand
Facilities Team John Benassini, Sherri Bridge, Denise Gollaher, Andrew Kochergin, Sandi Manesis and Gabriel McDonald
LucasArts Management
President Jack Sorensen
Director of Development Steve Dauterman
Senior Manager of Technology Malcolm Johnson
Director of Sales and Marketing Mary Bihr
Beta Testing Jessica Forys, Bill Tiller, Stephen Kalning, Cory Allemeier, Eric Ingerson, Darren Johnson, Erik Ellestad, Karen Chelini, Gaurav Mathur, Scott Taylor, Michael Stemmle, Gary Brubaker and Cindy Wong
The Team would like to thank Amy Albert, Laurel Atherton, Wayne and Nide Bouck, Kim Balestreri, Kirsten Brown, Blair and Chelsea, Mark Christiansen, Sin Hing Chen, Daniel Bodiford, Katherine Csizmadia, Cassia Dominguez, Paul Du Bois, Alan Dundes, Sarah Fiene, Drew Garske, Joanna Gerber, Larry and Carol, Gigi, Aaron Giles, Claude Goldsmith, Michael Grisanti and Tango Too, Stefanie Gülden, Tom Harper, Jay Johnson, Charles, Pat, and Skip Jordan, Leslie K., Bill & Karen, Kaiser Hospital in San Rafael, Hayden Landis, Tinny Lo, Dinesh, Sushma, and Radhika, Richard & Lynn McConnell, Matthew McManus, Jack, Isabelle, Wendy, and Jackson McLaughlin, Ken Moeller, Pneumatic Tube Products, Inc., Norma, David, and Wayne Mogilefsky, Mike Urich and Annette Musson, Maya N., Lynette Pang, Lisa Purvis, Frédéric Savoir, John and Gwen Schafer, Doug Schultz, Aaron Smith, Randall C. Smith, Spinray, Barbara Susen, SPI London, Teto the Clown, Al and Edith Tsacle, Amy Tran, Phoi Trinh, Matt Tucker, The Villalobi, Windward & Leeward, Ashleigh White and Zimbo the Magnificent

Grim Fandango Remastered

Double Fine Productions
Executive Producer Matthew Hansen
Lead Programmer Brandon Dillon
Lead Graphics Programmer Oliver Franzke
Graphics Programmer Matt Enright
Systems Programmer Duncan Boehle
Art & UI Direction Lee Petty, Mark Hamer
Artists Say Oh, Jeremy Mitchell
Additional Art Peter Chan
Music Director Peter McConnell
Audio Engineer Paul O'Rourke
Music Mastering Peter McConnell, Camden Stoddard
Localization Producer Malena Annable
Associate Producer Victor Romero
QA Manager Daniel Pangelina
QA Lead Tony Lo
QA Tester Ben Knoll
President and CEO Tim Schafer
COO Justin Bailey
VP of Development Matthew Hansen
Senior Publishing Manager Greg Rice
Studio Sound Supervisor Camden Stoddard
Tech Ops Manager Aaron Hayes
IT Justin Honegger
Operations Manager Denise Gollaher
Office Administrator Amarisse Sullivan
Double Fine Would Like to Thank John Blackburn, Adam Boyes, Ada Duan, Gio Corsi, Héctor R. Fernández, Greg Hayes, Douglas Reilly, John Vignocchi, Tia Bailey, Terra Bailey, Keri Bailey, Ericka Franzke, Regina Franzke, Günther Franzke, Roger Hansen, Sandi Hansen, Andrew Hansen, Michele and Ruby, Dawn Pieper, Cole Pieper, Tate Pieper, Rachael, Lili Bean, John Ray Schafer, Gwen Hope Schafer, Charles Sole, Abe, Chris, Alex, Juanita, Victor Sr., James Brown, ResidualVM Team, Johnny Walker, Grim Fandango Deluxe Team
Shiny Shoe
Producer Mark Cooke
Lead Programmer Trevor Diem
Programmers Katelyn Gadd, Tobias Pfaff
Design Christopher Crawford
Quality Assurance Julian Labesque
Special Thanks Mio Cooke, Jess Hamrick
2 Player Productions
2 Player Productions Paul Levering, Paul Owens, Asif Siddiky
Australia Unit Cybertrix Media
Sony Computer Entertainment
Director, SCEA Third Party Production and Developer Relations Gio Corsi
Director, SCEA Partner Alliance Shelby Cox
VP, SCEA Third Party Publisher and Developer Relations Adam Boyes
Lead Technical Producer, SCEA Third Party Production John Sanders
Account Executive, SCEA Publisher Relations Héctor R. Fernández
Senior Account Support Manager, SCEA Developer Relations Shane Bettenhausen
Senior Manager, SCEA Partner Alliance Dan Hsu (Shoe)
Account Coordinators, SCEA Partner Alliance Lily Luu, Laura Casey
Executive Producer Matthew J. Fillbrandt
Associate Producer Derek Williams
Additional Production Support Orion Kellogg, Marco Crescenti
Brand Quality Assurance Lead Jeff Terra
Brand Quality Assurance Testers Douglas Boethling, Michael Dailey
Senior Product Marketing Manager Matthew Shell
Marketing Associate Elizabeth Walker
Brand Creative Director Hez Chorba
Public Relations Manager Barbara Gamlen
VP, Digital Business & Franchise Management Ada Duan
Director, Franchise Management Douglas Reilly
Special Thanks Kathleen Kennedy, Howard Roffman, Diana Cordio, Daryll Jacobson, Sarah Garcia, Rob Cowles, Monica Chin-Perez
Very Special Thanks George Lucas
Disney Interactive
Disney Interactive Tina Aughinbaugh, John Blackburn, Seth Davis, John Vignocchi
Music and Sound
Music composed and produced by Peter McConnell
Clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, slide clarinet, baritone and bass saxes Ralph Carney
Clarinet and bass clarinet Sheldon Brown
Bassoon, clarinet, alto and tenor saxes Paul Hanson
Trumpet Bill Ortiz
Trombone Dan Armstrong, Shane Norman
Cello Hans Christian
Guitars and melodica Clint Bajakian
Guitars, charango and violin Peter McConnell
Bass Derek Jones
Drums Paul van Wageningen, Jorge Molina
Mixed by Jeff Kliment (at LucasArts 1998), Anthony Caruso (at Sony Computer Entertainment America 2014), Jory K. Prum (at Studio Jory)
SCEA Mix Project Manager Jonathan Mayer
Melbourne Symphony Recordings
Conductor Brett Kelly
Orchestrated by Karim Elmahmoudi
Performed by The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Special Projects Manager Andrew Pogson
ABC Producer Haig Burnell
ABC Sound Engineers Chris Lawson, Nick Mierisch, Russell Thompson
Studio Jory Session Engineers Jory K. Prum, Joel Raabe
In memoriam Paul van Wageningen (1955-2012)
Pyramind Studios
Midi Re-Orchestration and Mixing by Clint Bajakian, Jeremy Garren, Jonathan Buch
Cut Scenes Mixed by Clint Bajakian, Jeremy Garren, Mallory Grogan (Ophylia), Mike Forst
Commentary - Engineers Adam Cunningham, Joel Raabe
Commentary - Assistant Engineer Steven Scheppers
Production Manager for Pyramid Studios Mike Forst
Production Assistant for Pyramid Studios Ashley Coull
Localization - French
French version produced by Ubi Soft
Marketing Karine Kaiser, Isabelle Antraygue, Mamy Ramanamisata, Julien Brun
Localization coordination Bruno Porret
Budget Coralie Martin
Translation Francis Grembert, Bruno Porret
Adaptation Francis Grembert, Dub Club
Voice management Nathalie Homs
With voices of Mario Santini, Philippe Cariou, Michel Elias, Brigitte Guedj, Nathalie Homs, Anne Jolivet, Hugues Martel, Christian Pélissier, Gérard Surugue, Michel Vigné, Marie Vincent
Sound engineers Alexis Leverve, Olivier Mortier
Post-production manager Sylvain-Luc Brunet
Post-production Olivier Germain, Matthieu Janson
Graphic department Julie Rault Le Liard, Sébastien Bocquillon, Corinne Argot
Test manager Chadi Lebbos
Lead tester Jean-François Dupuis
Testers Stéphane Barbin, Yanick Beaudet, Louis-Philippe Brissette, Sebastien Robillard
Special thanks to Alain Corre, Francis Grembert, Nathalie Homs, Leon Susen, and to all the actors
Localization - Italian
Italian Version By C.T.O. S.p.A. Zola Predosa BO
Localization manager Maria Ziino
Localization coordination Gabriele Vegetti
Voice management Claudia Madrigali
Sound engineers Alessandro Zucchelli
Localization - German
German Version By Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
Project management Thomas Buchhorn (Elf)
Translation Thomas Buchhorn (Elf), Markus Ludolf (Merc), Christian Schneider (Chrisse)
Translation manual Nils Bote, Thomas Buchhorn
Script Editing Max Steller (Agent 407)
Quality assurance Thomas Buchhorn, Andre Dorfmüller, Stefan Köller, Markus Ludolf, Michael Milan, Robert Polanski, Christian Schneider, Jochen Vanderberg
Product Management / Int. coordination Petra Mock
Pre-Print Production Jörgen Schlegel
Layout / Set Packaking Heiko Höpfner
Layout / Set user manual Jörg Jahns
Recorded at G & G studios - Kaarst
Sound engineering, editing, mixing Martin Ruiz, Willi Großmann
Arrangement Martina Höveler
Speaker Tommi Piper (as Manuel -Manny- Calavera)
Also starring Vittorio Alfieri, Heinz Baumeister, Rolf Berg, Kerstin Gähte, Gregor Höppner, Hans Gerd Kilbinger, Katja Liebing, Alex Ludwig, Lutz Reichert, Reinhard Schulat-Rademacher, Ilja Welter, Volker Wolf, Renier Baaken, Hans Beier, Dirk Fenselau, Peter Harting, Michaela Kametz, Kordula Leisse, Jörg Löw, Frauke Poolman, Volker Riesch, Karlheinz Tafel, Daniel Werner, Thaddäus Zech
Localization - Brazilian
Editor in chief Olavo Panseri
Assistant editors Nicole Collet, Rosemary Lima
Translation Cecília Vilhena, Cecília Bartalotti
Proofreading Anabel Ly Maduar
Publication Adriano Vallocci, Fabio Dalla Costa
Testing and Quality Control Henrique Costa, Rafael Matsunga
Sound engineers Rogério Maudonnet
Localization coordination Estela Pacheco
Product manager Gerson de Souza
Voices Guilherme Sant'Anna, Zanir d'Oliveira, Tchello Palma, Dionísio Rebecca, Cássio Brasil, Einat Falbel, Paulo Marcos, Sandra Corveloni, Fabiano Onça, Gira de Oliveira, Ithamar Lembo, Inês de Carvalho, Gustavo Engracia, Renato Dobal, Tony Giusti, Rafael Fernandes, Daniela Carmona, Guilherme Uzeda, Mauricio Gibrin, Márcio Pereira
Additional Localization: Babel - A Keyword Studio
French Translator Pascale Cognard
French Editor Gustave Leber
Italian Translator Vasiliki Koskiniotis
Italian Editor Carolina Turrini
German Translator Hans Hermann Brechtel
German Editor Detlef Richter
Spanish Translator Laura García
Spanish Editor Ismael Fernández
Portuguese (BR) Translator Danielle Lacerda Correia
Portuguese (BR) Editor Nelci Salles
Commentary Credits
Project Leader Tim Schafer
Lead Artist Peter Tsaykel
Lead Programmer Bret Mogilefsky
Music Composer and Producer Peter McConnell
Production Manager Llesslle Schroeder
Programmer Kevin Bruner
Character Animators David Bogan, Mark Hamer
Background Artists Gaurav Mathur, Paul Topolos
Sound Designers Clint Bajakian, Julian Kwasneski
Voice Producer/Director Darragh O'Farrell
Quality Assurance Tester Alex Neuse

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