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Middle Manager of Justice Credits

Development Team of Justice

Project Lead & Programming: Kee Chi
Writer & Producer: Gabe Cinquepalmi
Art Direction & Art: Mark Hamer
Interface Design: Joe Kowalski
Programming: Ben Burbank, Matthew Franklin
Art: Say Oh
Visual FX: Panya Inversin
Animation: Ray Crook, Chris Schultz
Audio Direction & Original Music: Brian Min
Sound Design: Brian Correia, Paul O'Rourke, Camden Stoddard},
Lead Tester: Daniel Pangelina
Testing: Tony Lo, Victor Romero
Tools Programming: Brandon Dillon, Paul Du Bois
Additional Programming: Patrick Hackett, Nathan Martz

Double Fine Productions

Studio Creative Director: Tim Schafer
VP of Business Development: Justin Bailey
Director of Product Development: Isa Anne Stamos
Director of Technology: Nathan Martz
Operations Director: Denise Gollaher
Public Relations: Greg Rice
Community Manager: Chris Remo
Administration: Laura O'Brien, Allison Thomas
IT: Brent Shinn, Justin Honegger

Dracogen Inc.

Founder and CEO: Steven Dengler
Creative Consultants: Beric Dengler
Creative Consultants: Raffaele Dengler

Double Fine Would Like To Thank:

Jane Kenny Chi, Katrina Tilds, Michele and Ruby, Priscilla Cook, Jess Burbank, Ruth, Violet, and Valencia, Malena Annable, Ron Gilbert, Robert Megone, Elevated Play, Will Wright, Our Friends at Zipline Games, Lucy Lathan & Cory Lewis, Our friends at Firelight Technologies, Everyone at Double Fine Productions, and Steven Dengler!

Dracogen Would Like To Thank:

Bruna Pace, Raffaele Dengler, Beric Dengler

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