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Since 2014, Double Fine Productions has published independently developed games under the label Double Fine Presents.
In 2019 we became part of Microsoft Game Studios, and as a result, we will no longer be publishing games. We hope to continue celebrating independent games however we can, through initiatives such as our annual festival Day of the Devs.

July 1st 2014 Simulation

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux

Made by David OReilly

Existential Nature Simulation.

About Mountain

MOUNTAIN 2.0 is here!

Experience life as a Mountain in this relaxing nature simulation game.


  • No DLC- time moves forward
  • Things grow and things die
  • Nature expresses itself
"Welcome to an existential nightmare."Patrick Klepek, Giant Bomb
"The time I spend with Mountain feels slightly more real to me than anything else inside my computer."
Leigh Alexander, Gamasutra
"Mountain upends expectations, refusing to fit into preexisting categories."
Justin Cone, Motionographer
"I don’t like to talk emotions but this game genuinely is so uplifting."
Alice O'Connor, Rock Paper Shotgun
"The only experience that has ever made me feel sad about a geological phenomenon."
Andrew Webster, The Verge


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