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Psychonauts 2 Cast & Credits

Team Credits

Written by Tim Schafer
Art Director Lisette Titre-Montgomery
Concept Artists Derek Brand, Peter Chan, Samantha Iturralde, Emily Johnstone, Lee Petty, Gianna Ruggiero, Levi Ryken and Nathan Stapley
Character Designer Scott Campbell
Material Artist Kristen Russell
Lead Character Artist David Russell
Character Artists Zahra Amirabadi and Jared Mills
Lead Environment Artist Geoff Soulis
Environment Artists Janice Bell, Jeremy French, Tristan Gallagher, Will Koehler, Ebbe Loenborg, Nick Maksim, Moira Marr, Paul Moya and Jeremy Natividad
Storyboard Artists Derek Brand, Emily Johnstone, Chris Lam, Nick Marshall, Miyuki Richardson, Gianna Ruggiero, Nathan Stapley and Kollin Stewart
Technical Artist Adam Kelsey-Giddings
UI Artist Seth Forester
Visual Effects Artists Dan Bruington, Tazio Coolidge, Tyson Erze, Eliza Gibson, Sarah Grissom, Jeremy Mitchell and Kris Orpilla
Level Lighting Artists Jeremy French, Nick Maksim and Levi Ryken
Cinematic Lighting Artists Derek Brand, Jeremy French, Nick Maksim, Lee Petty and David Russell
"Granny" painting by Lolly Jones
Lead Animator Zach Baharov
Animators Ray Crook, Chris Lam, Jerry Matsko, Faith Mun, Miyuki Richardson and Alex Turner
Cinematic Artists Matt Leach, Nick Marshall, Chris Rieser and Kollin Stewart
Previously On Psychonauts
Art & Animation Michael Firman
Double Fine 20th Anniversary Logo
Art Scott Campbell
Animation Rex Crowle
Audio Director Camden Stoddard
Senior Sound Designer Paul O'Rourke
Technical Sound Designer Steve Green
VO editing/additional sound design: Kate Barr Kelly
Voice Casting, Directing Khris Brown
Music Composed & Produced by Peter McConnell
Orchestrated by Karim Elmahoudi
Additional Orchestration Jared Emerson-Johnson, Recorded at ABC Studios Melbourne, AU and Performed by The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Lead Designers Seth Marinello and Zak McClendon
Lead Level Designer Ryan Mattson
Level Designers Joshua Herbert, Benjamin Johnson, JP LeBreton, James Marion and Asif Siddiky
Systems Designers Gabe Cinquepalmi and Lauren Scott
Narrative Scripter Sarah Will
Consulting Narrative Designer Brooke Maggs
Level Leads Geoff Soulis, Emily Johnstone, Lee Petty, Jeremy French and Seth Marinello
Lead Programmer Kee Chi
Gameplay Programmers Brian Anderle, Anna Becker, Devin Kelly-Sneed, Duncan Boehle, Bert Chang, Chad Dawson, Anna Kipnis, Juli Gregg, Amy Price, Silvio César Lizana Terra and Rebecca Vessal
Lead Systems Programmer Oliver Franzke
Systems Programmers Matt Enright, Aaron Jacobs, Sammy James and Jason Morales
Tools Programmer Evan Williams
Gameplay Programming Interns Tru Narla and Rebecca Taylor
Feature Leads
Player Movement & Powers Devin Kelly-Sneed and Amy Price
Camera Systems Aaron Jacobs
Combat Lauren Scott and Anna Becker
Lead Producers Andy Alamano, Gavin Carter and Naoko Takamoto
Producers Malena Annable, Amy Dallas, Kevin Johnson, Caryl Shaw and Michael Tucker
Voice & Localization Producer Malena Annable
Release Manager Victor Romero
QA Manager Tony Lo
Project Leads Tim Schafer and Zak McClendon

Voice Cast

Richard Horvitz Razputin Aquato
Carson Annable Queepie Aquato
Krizia Bajos Mrs. Karpovna, Germ Mom and Patty Puree
Poonam Basu Gisu, Band-Aid Nurse, Racer Clubs, HQ Maintenance Kim, Accountant and Panda
Jack Black Helmut Fullbear
Steve Blum HQ Agent Crenshaw and Snake Cop
Kimberly D. Brooks Hollis Forsythe, HQ Admin Susan, Bread, Pork and Linestander Kid
Darin DePaul Truman Zanotto, Croupier, Mysterious Figure, Germ Attendant, Germ Dad , Lance, Slinky Worm and Larry
Zehra Fazal Terryl, Tia Zanotto, Drone, Elevator Repair Germ and Bob's Lili
Kate Higgins Sam, Announcer, Nurse Die and Audience
Amber Hood Mirtala Aquato, Moth, Nurse Bell and Pinky Worm
Erika Ishii HQ Maintenance Brianne and Motherlobe Worker
Nick Jameson Coach Oleander, Caligosto Loboto and Linestander Dad
Grace Kaufman Lizzie, Racer Spades and Easy Snake Equation
David Kaye Ford Cruller, Dr. Clubs, Ride Operator, Audience and Strawberry
Josh Keaton Nurse Cherry, Hardhat Germ, Germ Guy, Flustered Man, Cast Patient, Knight, Muscle Man, Dinosaur, Axeman, Pirate and Motherlobe Worker
Stephanie Komure Cassie O'Pia, Frazie Aquato, HQ Admin Sherri, Pillinko Nurse and Pam
Alexis Lezin Milla Vodello and Gzarina
Jennifer Losi Hardhat Germ, Germ Lady and Beehive
Yuri Lowenthal Dion, Dragon, HQ Agent Forrest, HQ Admin Thad and Young Patient
Piotr Michael Hippo Pot, Otto Mentallis, Propagandaneer, Sandwich Board Germ, Tooth Fairy and HQ Admin Evan
Dave B. Mitchell HQ Bartender, Wizard, Pork Chopper, Hardhat Germ , Tough Germ, Umbrella Goblin, Heart, Mind, Scarecrow and Sphere
Nicki Rapp Lili Zanotto
Giancarlo Sabogal Morris, HQ Admin Chet, Gentleman Skull, Racer Diamonds, Accountant, Polite Germ and Germ Man
Armin Shimerman Augustus Aquato
Rikki Simons Raz's Archetype
Roger Craig Smith Germ Foreman, Froggy Flipper, Lazy Germ, Onion, Alligator Magnet, Fisher King, Shakespeare, Turtle Cop and Motherlobe Worker
Brian Sommer Bob Zanotto, Loose Baby, Judge and Germ Crane Operator
Stephen Stanton Sasha Nein
Cat Taber Norma, HQ Agent Bigelow, Dr. Spades and Elephant Cop
Fred Tatasciore HQ Agent Hawkins, HQ Maintenance Frank, Gzar Theodore, Gambler and Motherlobe Worker
Nick Tate Compton Boole and Dr. Potts
Tru Valentino Adam, Chip Patient, HQ Maintenance Colin and Jared
Anna Vocino Donatella Aquato, Lori, Nurse Barr, Whitlatch, Assistant Librarian, Audience, Cafeteria Worker, Hospital Announcer, Linestander Mom, Cone & Cylinder, Hourglass, Market Cat, Molecule, Mrs. Yi, Hard Snake Equation and Voice of Grulovia
Kari Wahlgren Enabler, Giant Germ, Fish Skeleton, Witch, Mrs. Xuan, Flustered Woman, Gerda, Horse Kid, Lady of the Lake, Watermelon, Germ Kid, Gambler and Motherlobe Worker
Audrey Wasilewski Lucrecia Mux/Maligula, Nona Aquato and HQ Receptionist
Elyse Willems Rich Mom
James Willems Rich Dad, Accountant and Dunce
Travis Willingham HQ Maintenance Dustin, EKG Patient, Creepy Patient, Old Patient and Lumberjack
Elijah Wood Gristol Malik, Nick Johnsmith and Young Gristol
Erin Yvette HQ Maintenance Bobbie, Egg, Skate Germ and Motherlobe Worker
Mark De La Fuente Lead Recording Engineer: Dave & Dave
Christopher Gardner Recording Engineer: Dave & Dave
GG Dasher Studio Manager: Dave & Dave
Rick Dasher Studio Owner: Dave & Dave
Carlos Sotolongo Recording Engineer: L.A. Studios
Oleg Belogorsky Recording Engineer: L.A. Studios
Jane Curry Studio Manager: L.A. Studios
Nathan Dubin Recording Engineer: Margarita Mix Santa Monica
Michele Millard Studio Manager: Margarita Mix Santa Monica
Kim Bowman Studio Manager: Atlas Oceanic Sound & Post
John Spiker Studio Manager & Recording Engineer: John Spiker Studios
Jay Marston Rubin Studio Manager: Ghost Cat Studios
Ann Jean-Philippe Dutreuil Engineer: Ghost Cat Studios

Studio Credits

Double Fine Productions
Studio Head Tim Schafer
VP of Business Development Greg Rice
VP of Development Caryl Shaw
Director of Operations Denise Gollaher
Director of Maketing & Comunications James Spafford
Studio Audio Director Camden Stoddard
Content & Community Manager Heather Alexandra
Quality Assurance Manager Tony Lo
Release Manager Victor Romero
Tech Ops Manager Aaron Hayes
IT Justin Honegger
Office Manager Monica Chin-Perez
Finance Analyst Sammy Qubain
2 Player Productions
Producer Paul Levering
Director Paul Owens
Director of Photography Asif Siddiky
Community Moderators Peter Silk , Cheeseness , Ben Ward , Josh Martindale , Katherine Brugman , André Hupé. , Laura Ramey , Caroline (udoncat) , Timothy Mark (Bales) , Kaible , A K “Feddlefew” Fontaine and Cait Eder


Xbox Game Studios
Head of Xbox Gaming Phil Spencer
Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty
Xbox Game Studios Chief of Staff Mary McGuane
Director of Xbox Studios Services Dan Casey
Director of Xbox Game Studios Developer Support Jeremy Hall
Group Program Manager of Xbox Studios Services Lori Ada Kilty
Developer Account Manager Lead Peter Giffin
Developer Account Manager Matt Cookson
Release Manager Lead Jim Pekola
Accessibility Lead Sean Choi
Secondary Channel Manager Sean Sheffer
Business Manager Esteban Lora
Sr. Program Manager, External development Sam Carlisle
Sr. Licensing Manager Jeff McCrory
Central Data Lead Lorien Gremore
Central Data Scientist Swati Kumari
Central Data Program Manager Eric Richardson
Business Analyst Monisha Monikantarajan
Compliance Lead Joe Djorgee
Security Program Manager Ben Richeson
Security Engineer Elias Bachaalany
Geopolitical Analyst Laura Hamilton
Xbox Customer Support Chris Stevenson
Xbox Research
User Researcher Chase Meusel
Xbox Researcher Portia K. Botchway
Xbox PR
Senior Communications Manager, Xbox Blain Howard
Director Xbox Content Portfolio Emil Rodriguez
Senior Communications Manager, Xbox Jeff Rubenstein
Senior Account Executive, Assembly Media, Inc Vanessa Mora
Assistant Account Executive, Assembly Media, Inc Natalie McNeal
Senior Account Executive, Assembly Media, Inc Susan Ng
Senior Account Supervisor, Assembly Media, Inc Thierry Nguyen
Xbox Content Creator Team Jeff Rubenstein, Sean Morgan, Alina Ahmad, Natalie Edwards, Riley Muse and Jason Suh
Studios Quality Team
Director of Quality Jimmy Bischoff
Software Engineer Manager Matthew Call
Software Engineer Lead Seth Sterr
Software Engineer Rachel Frazier
Special Thanks Taylor Hainlen
Xbox would like to thank! Abhi Shah, Alex Fleet, Amanda Butcher, Courtney Siedentopf, Diarmuid Murphy, Eric Hermelee, Jamie Okita, Kate Fisher, Larry Hryb, Laura Luethe, Lisa Trott, Maggie Adams, Matt Chang, Megan Spurr, Parimal Deshpande, Rollie Watson, Ron Brewer, Ryan Hamann, Sean Graffis, Shayla Rothamel, Tifa Robles, Tina Painton Clark, Tyler Davis and Will Aber
Finance Kelsey Huschka, Tani Sethy-Sailer and Jamie Lawver
Legal Lauren Winget, Jessica Henderson, Marcela Viegas and Carl Brandt
Senior Business Development Director Noah P. Musler
Business Development James Lewis
Special Thanks Jimmy Bischoff, Jason Ronald, Heather Cooper, Reza Elghazi, Michael David, Ben Robinson, Brian Weiss, Yasmine Nelson and Karen Mitchell


Senior Staff Joe Olson, Jonathan Peters and John Scrapper
VFX Lead/Technical VFX Artist Dan Bruington
VFX Artist Eliza Gibson
Senior VFX Artist Sarah Grissom
Supporting VFX Artist Ryan Gatts


Test Manager Brian Canning
Test Lead Jason Bianchi
Software Test Engineer Brooke Chapman
Test Associate Eric Huang, Hector Correa, Jonathan Wolfe, Justen Kim, Kaytie Rose, Mikala Trueba, Natalia Stalcup, Nathan Leigh, Nicholas Ravenstein, Robert (Tobi) Ruiz, Hunter Czarapata, Uriel Barraza, Devon Garrett and Drew Humphrey
Special Thanks Aaron Brindell, Aaron Ingram, Carol Stearns, Erica Davis, Frank Criscione, Gavin Kennedy, Julie Loucks, Lucas Rathburn, Mark Medlock, Paul Gradwohl, Theresa Pudenz, Tom Dieterich and Jacob Green


Senior Producer Amy Dallas
Senior UI Engineer Alain Bellemare
UI Engineer Steven Coverdale
Senior UI Engineer Julian Spillane


Localization Service Line Director – Keywords Studios Group Fabio Minazzi
Text Localization Head of Division Montse Garcia
Localization Manager Reiko Oehlenberg
Localization Team Manager María José Garrido
Localization Project Manager Mireia Tatay Matoses
French Localization Pascale Cognard, Bérangère Holweck and Eric Holweck
Italian Localization Ivan Fulco, Massimiliano Marino, Leonardo Fedi, Antonio Pizzo, Alessandro De Vita and Stefania Brambilla
German Localization Christine Kovarikova, Benjamin Ottenbreit and Brechtel Hans Hermann
Spanish EU Localization Concha Fernández Álvarez and Irene Igualada Baeza
Br Portuguese Localization Bruno Gallo, Rodrigo Detimermane Teixeira, Catharina Pinheiro, Raphael Quintão, André Lourenço and Gabriel Ninô
Russian Localization Maxim Betmakaev, Anastasia Burina, Polina Drandina, Taras Kadoshchuk, Alexander Mazur, Zoya Tomilina and Maxim Vakhitov
Spanish MX Localization Laura Fechenbach and Melina Carbajales
Localization QA
LQA Manager Tobias Roeper and Michal Dyrda
LQA Project Manager Vladimir Bott
LQA Junior Project Manager Agata Gontarz
LQA Test Lead Iana Tunkun and Diana Tan
LQA Associate Lead Aleksy Turek and Jeroen Kleijn
LQA Certification Lead Essi Ruuska and Olivia Baddeley
LQA Senior Testers Jeanny Chabon and João Carlos Reis
LQA Testers (French) Jeanny Chabon and Sara Bourgeois
LQA Testers (Italian) Fabrizio Di Candia and Marco Di Gravina
LQA Testers (German) Aleksander Grochowski and Berat Brestovci
LQA Testers (Spanish) Miguel Peinado and Nelia Herrera Rojas
LQA Testers (Brazilian Portuguese) João Carlos Reis and Luís Henrique Fanti
LQA Testers (Russian) Tsimafei Zhurkevich and Elena Davedianova
LQA Testers (Spanish MX) Joaquin Lanfranconi and Cecilia Fernandez Galvez
Functionality QA
Project Manager Ignacio Lopez and Gerardo Galvan
Lead Tester
PS5 Tester Guillermo Jurado and Daniel Quintero
PS4 Tester Amaru Vera and Daniel Solares

Lakshya Digital - A Keywords Studio

Art Director Emerson Lavadia
Associate Art Directors Kelly Rains and Lokendra Sekhawat
Character Outsourcing Artist Fiona Bruner
Enviroment Outsourcing Artist Samantha Arroyo
Art Leads Sachin Saluja and Sumit Gaba
Art Reviewers Jas Dhiman and Angshuman Roy
3D Character Artists Garima Chauhan, Naveen Kumar, Mohit Chauhan, Arvind Sarswat, Abhishek Sharma, Shahrukh Ali, Sandeep Singh and Tarun Bhardwaj
3D Enviroment Artists Yogendra Kumar, Sneha Banerjee, Aajib Mohd, Srishty Aggarwal, Partha Banik and Simran Kaur
3D Rigging Artists Bharat Bhushan, Imran Khan and Sachin Sharma
QC Team Surja Bisht and Hari Om
Senior Project Manager Michelle Hull
Project Managers Uday Joshi, Ankit Singhal, Karen Koon and Rupesh Kumar Mishra
Studio Art Director Aaron Hall
Studio Director Robert Olson
Studio Management Anando Banerjee and Mukund Vasishta
Global Account Manger Mike Fitzgerald

The Molasses Flood (Preproduction Visualization)

Design Forrest Dowling
Animation Gwen Frey
Art Scott Sinclair and Chad LaClair
Programming Damian Isla

Squeeze Animation Studios

Producer Hélène Fortin
Coordinators Fanny-Ann St-Pierre and Gabrielle Gagnon
Animation Director Tad Topping
Animation Lead Geneviève Desbiens
Animators Camille Dussault-Lessard, Edouard Diamant-Robert, Antoine Boonen, Anne-Sophie Savard, Gabriel Caseault, David Montminy, Alexandre Sotomayor, Pier-Olivier Côté, Jérémie Fae, Karine Beauvais, Olivier Castelli, Geneviève Desbiens, Swan-Alex Turcotte, William Brochu, Charles Corriveau, Étienne Dubois, Mathilde Fleury-Dufour, Andrea Fiorella Zamora Quezada, Maude-Émilie Dallaire, Raphael Racine, Sophie Roy, Ludovic Temps, Fanny-Ann St-Pierre, Patricia Magniez, Seema Rajput, Mia Timea Tajti, Mikael Hu, Lucas Degani, Raul Andres, Jocelyn Roy, Marie-Emilie Frechette, Aurélien Cova, Farzad Nojumi, Alejandro Manzano, Anthony Daniel, Odair Martins Junior, Ariel Suero, Matt Desjardins, Christophe Menchior, Christopher Rueda, Patrick Carrier, Jiamin Peng, Dominic Di Pasquale, Mahmoud Salamin, Nick Malutama, Sergey Kozin and Rakshan Raj
Technical Directors Norah Seif and Charles Blanchette
IT Jeremy Blot, Mathieu Boucher, Mario Couturier, Gwendoline Daulny, Maxime Deshaye, Nick Gotsinas, Ahmed Mezhoud and Samir Ojagov
Business Development Manager Fanny Audet


Sr. Producer Traci Cook
VP of Production Greg Savoia
Associate Producer Ian Chapman
Animators Don Fergus, Naomi Fish and Cole Olsen


Consultant Anita Sarkeesian
Consultant Jae Lin
Font Designer Riley Cran, Danelle Cheney, Dave Bailey, Heather Cran and Margaret Chronister
Trailer Expertise Derek Lieu
Webmaster Tom Kiss / Dodeca Studio
Mental Health Consultation Take This
Logo Designer Cory Schmitz
Events Coordination Karrie Shirou / Strangely Compelling Media and The Strangely Compelling Media crew
Events Support Jess Lea DeNardo, Desiree Fernandes, Danny Barbara, Brian Coli, Derek Argonza, Jordan Pacheco, Mr Biggs, Jenni and Alex and his Donuts
Gif Meister Kevin Christman


Backer Rewards & Publishing Support - iam8bit Amanda White , Jon Gibson , Anna Bihari , Nick Hurwitch , Billy Shibley , Bailey Moses , Justin Huthmacher , Sonja Shoemaker and Dylan Tupts


Backer Fulfillment & Rewards - Fangamer Reid Young , Jon Kay , Charlie Verdin , Laura Verdin , Noah Lane , Lindsay Moore and Brian Jaworski


CEO Justin Bailey
COO Jonathan Chan
CTO Bob Ippolito
Head of Product Freeman White
Engineer Johan Oskarsson
Engineer David Reid
Engineer Joe Grossberg
UX/UI Designer Fiona Miller
Community Manager Khahil White
Campaign Manager Ash Leavenworth


CEO/COO Mikael Nermark
CEO Bo Andersson
Senior Producer Evan Icenbice
Associate Producer Ricky Yoon
Marketing Director Pelle Sunnerot
Product Manager Robin Goncalvez
Business Director Andrew Siozon


Friends & Family Aiden Guzmán, Greg Rice, Anna Kipnis, Caleb Wheeler, Roberto Chang, Cassandra McCall, Amir Rao, Greg Kasavin , Marcus Montgomery, Roberto Chang, Cristian Romero, Alexis Romero, Ed Gorinstein, Paul Yula, Hillary Tung, Joshua Jacobs, Ian Winek, Romae Walker, Bryan Schmidt, Taylor Schmidt, Max Linsenbard, Bryan Rodriguez, Chris Emmet, Ryan Flatland, Deborah Newberry, Elliot Fiske, William Belden Brown, Chris Opperwall, Thomas Steinke, May Nguyen, Michael Czabaranek, Ian Tyler, Eric Tucker, Brian Grishkevich, Jennie Cesena, Phil Lewis, Sebastien Combes, Meghan Hogue, Sam Braithwaite, Steph Braithwaite, Glenn Jaume, Chris Dawson, Nikita Taranduke, Kara Kansaku, Craig Kitzmann, Trevor Wunn, Astro Leon-Jhong, Christopher Pioli, Frank Gonnello Jr., Michael Wu, Hanna Carter, Nhathy Ngo, William GK Zhang, Eric Deters, Seth Sterr, Chris Hoskins, Keith Temple, Frank Davis, Anna Krasner, Sarah Buddendeck, Josh Martindale, Peter Silk, Timothy Mark (Bales), Ben Ward, Cait Eder, Katherine Brugman, Matthew DeNovio, Tyler Brogna, Hillary Murray, Anne Fonnicello, Mark Oesau, Noah Goldstein, Morgan Morse, Wade Johnson, Geoffrey Kahler, Fletcher Cole, Will Graham, Jonathan George, Robin Hunicke, Sofie Dam, Emil Ernst, Damien Butler, Nick Butler, Reese Wright, John Strine, Alexander Herdzik, Andrew Alcott, Alice Ching, Ivo Dimitrov, John C. Worsley, Evie Piatkowski, Deren Takara, Aram French, Nick Kitten, Jason Lay, Adam Cowlin, Michael Crawford, Joulien Ivanov, Simon Robertson, Zora Tolino-Minefree, Phillip Vergara, Todd Bello and Ben Parks
Microsoft Jim Pekola, Clayton Kauzlaric, Pablo Morales, Matty Williams, Sarah Meusel, Heather Cooper, Tani Sethy-Sailer, Joseph Chisholm and Brandon Adler

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Conductor Brett Kelly
Senior Manager Special Projects Andrew Pogson
Special Projects Coordinator Karl Knapp
ABC Producer Alex Stinson
ABC Sound Engineers Chris Lawson, Jack Montgomery-Parkes
Mixed by William Storkson at AudioSFX

Music Credits

Cosmic I (Smell the Universe)
Song Composed by Peter McConnell
Lyrics by Tim Schafer
Voice Jack Black
Helmut Level tracks recorded at Skywalker Sound, Nicasio, CA
Engineered by Leslie Ann Jones, Dann Thompson
Assisted by Judy Kirschner
Electric guitar Clint Bajakian
Vox Continental organ, Hammond organ Justus Dobrin
Drums Eli Hludzik
Electric bass Michael Land
Electric violin Peter McConnell
All Paul - Drag Me Down
Written and Arranged by Paul O'Rourke
Performed by Greg Rice, Duncan Boehle, and Richman Neumann
Additional recording by Dan Rudin and Dan Rudin Recoding & Production, Nashville, TN
Drums Keith Carlock
Acoustic and electric bass Craig Nelson
Additional recording by William Storkson at AudioSFX, Novato, CA
Drums Tommy Rickard
Also Performing
Hammond organ, Mini Moog synthesizer Andrew Burton
Cello Hans Christian
Flute Matt Eakle
Electric bassoon Paul Hanson
Acoustic and electric bass Ravi Knypstra
Soprano voice Wendy Loder
Voices Alice and Eben McConnell
Voice Amy McConnell
Electric and acoustic guitars, Violin, Viola, Mandolin, 5-string banjo, Electric bass, Pump Organ, Hand percussion, Voice Peter McConnell
Oboe, English horn Kristin Naigus
French horn Doug Hull
Accordion Jerome Rossen
Electric guitar William Storkson
Erhu Seth Tsui
Drums Paul van Wageningen
Chromatic harmonica Damien Masterson
Baritone guitar Steve Kirk
Bass Dan Andrews
Mixed by William Storkson at AudioSFX
Music Direction Camden Stoddard, Peter McConnell

Music Licence

"Welcome to My Mind" and "Beauty Is the Mind"
Performed by The Hi-Fives
Written by Denery/Imlay
Published by I Feel Tardy Music
Recording courtesy of Old Thumb Records

Licensed Software

FaceFX Facial animations generated with FaceFX. 2002-2021, OC3 Entertainment, Inc. and its licensors. All rights reserved.
Audiokinetic Wwise Powered by Wwise 2006-2021 Audiokinetic Inc. All rights reserved.
Unreal Engine Psychonauts 2 uses Unreal Engine. Unreal is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. Unreal Engine, Copyright 1998 2021, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved.
Development of this product utilizes the following fonts licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may obtain a copy of the License at
Aclonica Astigmatic
Homemade Apple Font Diner
Mountains of Christmas Tart Workshop
Rancho Sideshow
Satisfy Sideshow
Slackey Regular Sideshow
Special Elite Astigmatic
Sunshiney Sideshow
Ultra Astigmatic
Walter Turncoat Sideshow
This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license is available with a FAQ at
Aldrich MADType
Alegreya SC Juan Pablo del Peral, Huerta Tipográfica
Amatic SC Vernon Adams
Averia Serif Libre Dan Sayers
B612 Mono PolarSys, Nicolas Chauveau, Thomas Paillot, Jonathan Favre-Lamarine, Jean-Luc Vinot
Barriecito Omnibus-Type
Berkshire Swash Astigmatic
Beth Ellen Rob Jelinski, Alyson Fraser Diaz
Bungee Inline David Jonathan Ross
Caudex Nidud
Caveat Brush Impallari Type
Changa Eduardo Tunni
Cinzel Decorative Natanael Gama
Coda Caption ExtraBold Vernon Adams
Concert One Multiple Designers
Cormorant Upright Christian Thalmann
Cutive Vernon Adams
East Sea Dokdo YoonDesign Inc
Economica Vicente Lamónaca
Emilys Candy Neapolitan
Enriqueta FontFuror
Gabriela Eduardo Tunni
Galindo Astigmatic
Gamja Flower YoonDesign Inc
Girassol Liam Spradlin
Grenze Gotisch Omnibus-Type
IM Fell Double Pica SC Igino Marini
IM Fell Great Primer SC Igino Marini
Inknut Antiqua Claus Eggers Sørensen
Itim Cadson Demak
Jacques Francois Shadow Cyreal
Kristi Birgit Pulk
La Belle Aurore Kimberly Geswein
Lakki Reddy Appaji Ambarisha Darbha
Libre Baskerville Impallari Type
Long Cang Chen Xiaomin
Mansalva Carolina Short
Merriweather Sorkin Type
Milonga Impallari Type
Nanum Pen Sandoll
Nova Mono Wojciech Kalinowski
Old Standard TT Alexey Kryukov
Over the Rainbow Kimberly Geswein
Patrick Hand Patrick Wagesreiter
Princess Sofia Tart Workshop
PT Mono ParaType
Quattrocento Impallari Type
Ruge Boogie TypeSETit
Sedgewick Ave Display Google Doodle Team UK
Seymour One Vernon Adams
Sigmar One Vernon Adams
Spirax Brenda Gallo
Teko Indian Type Foundry
Trocchi Vernon Adams
Vollkorn SC Friedrich Althausen
Yeseva One Jovanny Lemonad
Zeyada Kimberly Geswein

Production Babies

Team memberBaby Name
Evan Griffin Michael Williams
Jared Audrey Appel Mills
Adam Sylas Orin Kelsey
Ebbe & Anna Auriea Kipnis Loenborg
Oliver Nina Franzke
Kee Oliver Jae Sung Chi
Lisette Mars Wayne Harris
Scott C. Opal Ann Campbell
Zach Baby Baharov

Special Thanks

The Team Would Like to Thank Hillary Tung, Ann Chute-Jacobs, Steve Jacobs, Joshua Jacobs, and Nicole Gatjens, Angela Kelsey-Giddings, Cherry Wine, Andy Wood, Mike and Carol Turner, Keith, Babs, Mr Pants, Puppycat, and Tristie, Sam, Paul, and Paul, Kent, Sue and Liz Johnson, Babycastles, Teresa Chang, Angelo Chang, Karinna Chang, The Distorted Travesty Discord, Kym, Carl, Michelle and Amity Stoddard, Jay Rubin, B.Z. Lewis, David Earl, Brian Min, Emily Ridgway, and Tim Schafer (of Legend), Amy, Charlie, Daisy and Poppy, Special thanks to Minna, rest in peace my sweet friend, Mike, Heidi, Ashley, Ben, Laura Jean, and Dan DeSaussure, Kara Kansaku, Bumbledee Dawson Kansaku-Lam, Kevin, Helen, and John Lam, Auriea and Anna Kipnis; Ida, Anna, Annette, and Klaus Lønborg, Paul Yula, Dr. Doom, and Daisy, My Mom aka IdeaBank, Family, Cosmicpilot and Coby., Katrina Tilds and Grant Cinquepalmi, Ron Ruggiero, The Marion Family, Aiden Guzman-Zavala, Bennett Foddy, Melody Appel, Sarah, West, and Coralynn, Oliver Mitchell. Lana Mitchell. Amanda Mitchell. Mary Cottle., Bles, Mighty, and Frank, Alice Beckett, Beryl Velasco, Liisa Donaldson, Orie Falconer, Karla Ortiz, Ollie Kelly, Jane, Thomas, Oliver, Soon Ye, Judi, and Maru Chi, Harriet, Rebekah, Paige, Lillian, and Deborah, Jorden Carlsen & Riley Drake, Alyssa Finley, Gwendolyn Reza, Hux 'Sir' Soulis, Fletcher Cole, Stacey & Ruby Petty, The Rykens, The Gremillions and Rum, Marcus Montgomery, Deja Pelle, and the Titre Sisters, Jennifer & Robert Campbell, Graham, James, Carson, Skipper, Anchovy, and Newspaper Todd Annable. And J Dilla., Fontain and Sachika, Sharla Blank, Monica Cromarty, Ricardo Delgado, SAGE Veterinary Centers - Campbell, Mackenzie Bowman, Alyssa Wescott, Pepper McLachlan, Indi, Ericka, Sonia, and Nina, Mary, Brad, Sarah, Andy, Tony, Will, Becca, Ezra and Zeb, Prascilla, Enut, Lilly Bear, Juju, Thom Reinhard, Howard & Janet Russell, Boo, Scout, Alvin, and Theo, Fred and Lorelle Marinello, Natasha Opfell, Natasha, Doris, Marc, and siblings, Kayla Green, Kevin Herrera, Ottis Green, The Green Family, Tiffany, Mateo, and Rio, Alice Liang, Andi Ferrie, Katie, Tim and Jan Spafford, The Barry Family., John, Gwen, Rachael and Lili Bean Schafer, Jujubee, Dennis & María Teresa Guillermina Castro Ponce Tucker, Eric, Billy, and Andy Tucker, Victor Sr., Juanita, Abe, Edith, Maddie, Kelly, Abby, Henry, Cris, Alex, Maggi, Emily Salter & Peach, Vessy, Bisi, Lina, Boyko, Ivo and Behrouz Namakshenas, Pouran Rastgordani, Suzan Bahavar, Robyn Harada, Nhathy Ngo
Special Thanks Michel Ancel, Beau Blyth, Douglas Bogart, Nelson Boles, Samuel Boucher, Brooks Brown, James, Jon, and Michael Brown, Jeppe Carlsen, Rebecca Cordingley, Rex Crowle, Ron Daniel, Adam Drucker, Saleem Dabbous, Sloane Earl, Shadie El-Haddad, Josh Fairhurst, Matt Fini, Philip Floetotto, Michael Frei, Tom Giardino, Alexis Guariguata, Bernhard Haux, Evan Hemsley, Michael James, Jon Kay, Geoff Keighley, Adam Klaff, Latte Express, Greg Miller, David O'Reilly, Jason Pugh, Siobhan Reddy, Nick Rudzicz, Meggan Scavio, Valentin Seiche, Sun Son, Ian Stocker, Sibel Sunar, Adam Robezzoli, Joe Modzeleski, Mikko Mononen, Joshua Platt, Kenneth Price, Greg Rice, Renat Sirbaev, Pierre Terdiman, Rudy Urroz, Mario Von Rickenbach, Pen Ward, Ben Wasser, Laura Weir, James & Elyse Willems, Erik Wolpaw, Barrett Womack, Andrew Wong, Justin Woodward, Will Wright, Moo Yu and The entire Double Fine Presents family ❤

Thank you for playing!

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