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Episode 12 - The Team gets extra RAD

Greetings Psychobackers!

The aroma of deep-fried turkey, spoon-bread, corn casserole and pecan pie is in the air, threatening to lure us all from our desks for a few days of relaxation, family and feasting. But before we succumb, falling onto our couches into the sweet, sweet dreams of a food coma, we want to share with you a brief update on the greatest game of all time, Psychonauts 2.

We are deep, deep into development now, and progress is going extremely well! It’s also about to speed up and get a lot more RAD as the team from our recently released rogue-like all roll onto the project to lend us their expertise. That means nearly everyone at the studio is now working together on the biggest development team we’ve here since the launch of Brutal Legend in 2009!

We’re at a stage in the project now where we have a whole ton of things we want to show you, are eager and excited to show you even, but to do so involves dancing around lots of spoilers and is proving a little complicated. While we figure out this complex choreography we’ve put together an update about our new team members and the skills they’ll be bringing with them, rather than specific elements of the game. Those with keen eyes will still spot quite a few little snippets of excitement, including a room of people dressed in perfectly normal attire.

Play some games!

We released a couple of games this year that are some of the best things we’ve ever made or published. We’d love for you to check them out, and some are on sale right now too, bonus!


From the team who brought you Plug & Play, KIDS is a, a short but unique animated experience about the mentality of crowds, you can enjoy it on Mobile and PC.

Steam - $2.99

iOS - $2.99

Google Play Store - $2.99

Knights and Bikes

Rex Crowle & Moo Yu formerly worked together on LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway at Media Molecule, before teaming up to make a highly personal game drawn from Rex’s childhood experiences growing up in Cornwall in the 1980s. It’s a bike-riding, friendship-building, frisbee-throwing, goose-petting, high-fiving, treasure-hunting adventure for 1 or 2 players!

GOG - $19.99

Steam - $19.99

If you enjoy Knights and Bikes, please consider nominating it in the Steam Awards!


All this talk of RAD and you still haven't played it? Luckily for you this 3D Action Rogue-like from Lee Petty, which might be the only game set in a post-post-apocalypse, and features an amazing 80’s synth soundtrack from David Earl, is available on all consoles and PC.

Xbox & Windows - 30% off - $13.99

Steam - 40% off - $11.99

GOG - 40% off - $11.99

PS4 - $19.99

Switch - 30% off - $13.99

Brütal Legend X

We recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the most metal game of all time, Brütal Legend! We made this extra black and shiny chrome shirt to commemorate the occasion, plus if you pick one up right now you'll get Free Shipping (to some places anyway)

But before you go play all those games or buy all these shirts, watch the update on Psychonauts 2 and meet all our new team members!
And then go eat a bunch of food for Thanksgiving... or for absolutely no reason at all!

Happy Holidays!


Double Fine

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