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Episode 13 - This update comes to you straight from Tim's living room

The world feels very different than the last time we brought you one of these updates, you all know why. We very much hope that you and your loved ones are as safe as they can possibly be right now! Our hearts go out all of you, especially to those essential folks who are dealing with this up close and personal on a daily basis, or who have had their lives severely impacted.

So many millions of people around the world are affected by this in oh so many different ways, and we’re extremely grateful to be in the position we are — able to shelter in place and carry on working, albeit with some modifications to out usual routines. We're happy to say that work on Psychonauts 2 continues - Let’s join Tim and family at his home to find out more!

#WFH Life!

Some of our team work remotely all the time, and for them it’s almost been business as usual in terms of this new Work From Home Life. For most of team Double Fine though these last few weeks have involved a lot of changes to our workflow. With everyone dispersed and working from home, our meetings involve more kids, pets and snapchat filters than ever before.

2 Player Productions and their ever-present cameras have switched into screen recording mode, so their documentation can continue. That means, as usual, we have the last few months recorded, and so we thought sharing the fun parts our transition into a new way of working might serve as an amusing, and informational, distraction right now. 2 Player Productions presents Double Fine's WFH Life!

Big Plans for the Summer!

We had big plans to drop some beautiful, exciting , psychedelic Psychonauts 2 gameplay onto the crowds of E3 this year, and that suddenly fell through - a major disappointment for sure. We were super excited about unveiling more of the game, so we’re verrrrrrry happy to have plans for that locked back in place, hooray!

As our good pal Matt Booty announced yesterday on Inside Xbox 20/20, there will be an Xbox Game Studios focussed showcase in July, and Psychonauts 2 will be a part of it, oh yes! Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for more info.

In the mean time, please stay safe, look after one another, and be excellent to each other - let us party on!

We leave you with one piece of tear-inducing, yet hopeful cuteness…


A few weeks or so before we left our desks and headed to the hills, we spotted a teeny-tiny hummingbird nest outside the Double Fine Studio window. 2PP sprang into action, and within the hour we were streaming the nesting bird live to the nation!

For the next few months we watched, alongside the whole world, captivated. When eggs were detected, we cheered, and kept on watching as little baby hummingbird was born and raised, even streaming live form our PAX booth. One day, when baby bird was big enough, it finally learned to fly and disappeared from our lives forever. It was right then just at that moment in houses around the globe people started furiously chopping huge piles of onions and wafting tear-inducing gasses into our eyes. Super crazy moment to experience, did anyone else notice that?

Thanks everyone who joined us at all hours of the night on the livestream chat, and to our winged friends who kept us company in trying times. Please Celebrate our bird pal in this moving tribute.


If you’re looking for some more wholesome escapism right now then look no further than KNIGHTS AND BIKES!

Hot off the heels of an awards season where they earned some solid nominations (and wins) from the likes of SXSW, GDC Choice, BAFTA, etc Knights and Bikes is proving to be a hit among families and co-habiting self isolation roomies alike.

It’s two player, it’s beautiful, and it’s on sale right now!

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