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Episode 14 - A New Trailer!

Greetings Backers!

This is Heather. I’m the new content and community manager here at Double Fine Productions and wow it’s an exciting time! Today, we revealed a brand new trailer for Psychonauts 2 during the Xbox Games Showcase. It’s a different mood from some of the Loboto stuff we’ve shared before. In this trailer Raz is diving into a brain in a jar (voiced by our pal Jack Black) in search of some information. Bad news is that the brain’s been there so long that he’s lost most of his senses. It’s up to Raz to dive deep and reawaken all those lost feelings.

It’s a pretty neat level with a trippy feel and a brand new power: Time Bubble. This new ability will allow you to slow down platforms for easier platforming and can even be used against enemies and bosses.

With the release of the trailer, we can confirm a few other things too. The first is that the game is coming in 2021. New corporate masters mean a little more time and resources to perfect things, and the pandemic’s adjusted how we work as well. Good news is that I’ve literally played this game and it’s pretty dang cool. Each day brings more bosses and fresh tweaks. Don’t worry about those corporate masters either; Psychonauts 2 is coming to all the promised platforms. It’s also going to be optimized for Xbox Series X.

We’ll have more things to share soon ranging from concept art and other behind the scene coolness. For now, please enjoy the trailer!

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