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The Rewards are coming!

We’re really excited to inform you that the first batch of physical rewards is about to head your way!

This collection of fun things will include the Merit Badge Set, the Backer shirts designed by Rex Crowle, the red / yellow replica Whispering Rock shirts, and the three Art Prints from Peter Chan, Bagel and Scott. C (plus the actual pieces of art will go out to the three new owners of those!)

If you are one of the lucky backers expecting these rewards then here are some things you’ll want to know:

  • FanGamer will be emailing you today to verify your addresses, and you’ll be able to change yours via the link in that email.
  • Shipping will begin on Weds October 17th, please change your address before then!
  • We are only shipping the shirts, art prints, and merit badge sets - if you are not expecting those then you do not need to confirm your address yet!
  • No email? Have questions? Please contact!

Once you get your rewards we’d love to see you wearing or displaying them, so please send us piccies either below in the comments, or on twitter! (@doublefine)

Here are some photos from the Fangamer warehouse:

The three shirts in all their glory!

... and the three prints in their glory!

Specially made whispering rock shirts are ready to... rock!

Mountains of backer shirts fill the aisles, Thimbleweed Park making a guest appearance in the background

Thanks so much for being so patient waiting for these. We really hope you enjoy them, and look forward to seeing your own photos once they are in your hands!

We'll be back really soon with another bonus update about our trip into the woods to Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, until then, farewell! :)

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