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How do I change the language in Brütal Legend?

N.B. We are aware of an issue where changing the language in Steam's properties appears to update the game, but there is no in-game effect of changing the language from Steam Properties. We're looking into this, but in the mean time the process below should allow you to change the language regardless of what is chosen in Steam Properties.

Press Start at the main menu of the game.

Title screen of Brütal Legend with a 'press start' instruction

The title screen

Navigate right until you see the Options screen and confirm.

Brütal Legend 'Options' menu before being selected

The options menu

Choose the bottom option (Game)

Brütal Legend options menu with 'game' option selected

'Game' menu selected

From here using right and left you should be able to select and confirm your desired language.

Brütal Legend language options screen with 'Italiano' selected

Language changed!

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