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Psychonauts 2 Accessibility Features

Supported area

Accessibility features


  • Remappable controls
  • Vibration intensity level
  • Invert camera controls
  • Use triple jump to glide - Raz will glide with one button press instead of using a multi-button press
  • Levitation ball pull-down from Glide - allows the player to land on the glide ball when gliding
  • Lock on input mode - choose how the lock-on mode will work
  • Radial power mode menu - choose how to select active power

Assist features

  • No fall damage - take no damage when missing jumps
  • Invincibility - Raz won’t take damage from most attacks
  • Narrative Combat - Raz does more damage to help with the combat portions of the game


  • Localized signs - see the signs in your native language
  • Larger subtitles - make it easier to see subtitles
  • Increased font legibility - use a less stylized font for subtitles
  • Camera shake intensity - change camera shake for those sensitive to motion sickness
  • Color Blindness compensation - apply filters to adapt to color blindness

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