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Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin Support

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Key information

Psychonauts and The Rhombus of Ruin Box Art
Adventure and Puzzle.
Supported Platforms: 
Microsoft Windows and PlayStation VR.
ESRB Everyone 10+ and PEGI 7.
Spoken Language(s): 
Text Language(s): 
PC Controller Support: 
Xbox Compatible Controller
Backward Compatibility: 
PlayStation 5

Game information page

Common Issues

  1. General Tips for Support
  2. Common Issue Where can I find my game saves?

All Other Issues

  1. Does it work without VR? Can I play this game without a VR headset? (Short answer: no, sorry!)
  2. Outside game area I've managed to find myself outside of the game area while playing and I'm not sure how to get back in
  3. Poor performance I'm experiencing slowness or stuttering when playing the game.

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