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Tim Schafer Tim

We are extremely happy down here at Double Fine. Partially because we now have two microwaves, partially because we changed what kind of pizza we buy when we’re working late, but mostly because of Terry and Joe, who we just hired this week! Everybody say, “Dang, I love Terry and Joe!”

Terry has been here a while, going through our rigorous, formal, and many-staged internship program. For most interns, becoming “made” is a ten-year process, but Terry moved very rapidly through the ranks. She tested out of “Tenderfoot” and skipped her Blue Belt completely, and is now a fully-fledged Environment Artist Slash Designer. We are very excited about this development, and hopeful that her being official will take some of the edge off her extremely cruel and abusive personality.

Joe came down to Double Fine as part of our volunteer tester army, and we liked him so much we thought we might have him come a lot more. Like, every day, almost. And in exchange for his coming down and doing work as a Gameplay Programmer, we would give him money, Like some sort of… trade, or like-value exchange program. I don’t know if there is a word for this kind of trade, and who knows if it will work, but we’ll try anything once!

Here are some fun facts about them both: Joe speaks French, and Terry has extendible arms like Inspector Gadget. Oh, also, Joe has one wooden lung, and Terry’s dad is Albert Einstein. Or something like that. Whatever. I can’t be held responsible for every employee’s personal details, can I? I fell asleep in the interview and I definitely heard some French.

Anyway, they’ll be on display in the lobby for a week, after which they’ll be moved to their permanent bunks. Stop by and say hi!

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