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Tim Schafer Tim

Oh my god! The comics are missing! They're all gone!

Whoa, psyche! HERE they are! In their new happy home which I made myself, using the internet. And some friends of the internet helped me. Thank you, my best friends. Oh, and I would also like to thank the power of dreams, and magic.

The comics just looked a little cramped in the tiny boxes I had them in, and I didn't want them growing up all square like Japanese watermelons. So now they are free, and the laughter contained in the comics may now fly forth, like a swarm of locusts. Locusts of laughter! Fly forth and darken America's skies with your chuckles!

(Is that the proper way to spell "Psyche!" by the way? That's the way they spelled it in Wolfenstein 3D. I like to blame everything on Wolf 3D. I also blame them for my tolerance for dog shooting, and my love of dog food.)

I haven't found a place yet to put my awesome picture of Scott, so I'll just find some way to mention it in the news and put a link there. And-- just like on Noah's Ark --there was no room for the unicorns. Well, if the artist draws some more, I'll put them up I promise. Hear that, Unicorns? I have lobbed the Unicorn Responsibility Ball into someone else's court.

Just in case you didn't look at the full version (10,583k!) of the mosaic picture in the previous post and notice that it was an insane compendium of Double Fine Copywrited (written?) material, then here is a close up of my handsome chin area:

If this was a real close up of my beard, you would see the tiny village of beard-hair-mites that lived there until yesterday. I will miss them, and their cheerful songs.

Can you see the tiny screenshots and chunks of comics? It was like my dog ate the entire website, and then threw up! That is, if my dog happened to throw up in such away that the chunks formed a perfect mosaic of me, Chris Remo, and a paper crane. Oh, and also, IF I had a dog, which I don't.

I chose that chunk of the picture out of sentiment and nostalgia, to honor the soul patch I shaved off yesterday because in the picture it looks like a little Hitler mustache that sank.

Well, you're probably tired from all this news, so you go lie down, or lay down. Whichever you prefer. I will get back to work on this excellent game Psychonauts for which I have no actual news except for the increasing state of it's awesomeness and funativity.


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