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Tim Schafer Tim

Check out this crazy picture sent in by our VP of remote operations, Paul McAllister:

An image from the Double Fine archive.

What’s that you say? It’s merely another photo of me trying to save one of our testers from a vicious crane attack? Ah, yes, but it is so much more. Look closer, at this BIG-ASS VERSION. When you first bring it up, squint your eyes, and then point to the screen and ask your computer operator, “Can you enhance this area here?” And after it pixel-fades in, say “Again.” And again. And again. And then point again and say, “That’s a Texas plate. Have Sanchez run that number and see if you can’t get me an address.” And when they say, “What license plate? What are you talking about?” Just stare at the screen and say, “Oh. My. God.” Because by then you will have looked close enough to see the secret hidden in that picture.

That’s right. IT’S NOT A REAL CRANE!!!

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