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Tim Schafer Tim

Even I, hardened game industry veteran, am shocked and inspired by the dramatic turn of events in Double Fine Action Comics Number 65! I totally did not see that coming!

People complain that there is no real news on this site. Here’s what I think: Just because we don’t have any actual news, is that any reason not to report it? No. Look, if you want news, you should look in the NEWSpaper. Especially TODAY, and especially if you live in San Francisco, because—supposedly—there is some mention of us in the “Datebook” section of the Chronicle. Go get it! I know it’s after 7pm, but they’ll still have a copy at your corner liquor store I’ll bet, along with some liquor. So get up, put on your little flippy-flops and go down to the store. Get the Chronicle, and maybe a snickers, and maybe some Diet Dr. Pepper, and take them all home and go nuts. You will finally be happy because you are reading news, printed news, about Psychonauts. And you will not feel guilty about the delicious candy bar because your soda pop will be dietetic.

Here’s what I can tell you: We are all here working hard on the excellent game Psychonauts. New stuff is going in every day and the game is looking great. We hope to be announcing a new publisher soon. I promise you will be the FIRST TO KNOW! Our volunteer tester army is the best, and I love them. Some of them have received hugs. From me. One of them left his jacket here. I dare the Chronicle to print that.


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