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This picture from Brazilian game connoisseur Raquel Ravanini epitomizes the international sensation that is Psychonaut fandom. Her first name sounds French, her last name sounds Italian, she looks German, her zebra shirt speaks of Africa, and she's standing in Sao Paulo, Brazil, holding up two games, one Japanese and one American. Take that, United Colors of Benetton!

But speaking of colors, there's something in that photo that is green, but really shouldn't be. Besides the bananas. I'm talking about that Psychonauts PS2 game. I think they have PAL TVs there in Brazil, so shouldn't she be holding up a purple and yellow box? Raquel, if that really is your name, how could you possibly be playing the NTSC version of Psychonauts in Brazil? And why are you holding up a copy of Animal Crossing, Raquel? You know we didn't make that, right? Are you just messing with us Raquel? I'm so confused. Are you for real? Or is this just another one of those crazy, green-banana dreams?

I don't even think Psychonauts is out in Brazil. (If I'm wrong, please let me know, International Community.) Raquel said she got her copy at an import store (and her native fruit in Animal Crossing is the Peach). Which shows a lot of determination on her part, but it also means we still need a picture of some yellow and purple in brazil! Come on, Brazil! Here we go, Rio, HERE WE GO! (Clap, clap!)

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