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Tim Schafer Tim

So, Here's what happened:

PC POWERPLAY MAGAZINE of Australia gave Psychonauts a perfect

10 out of 10!!!

..or so I hear. I have not actually seen this with mine own eyes. But Australian fans have sent in emails in which they swear it to be true. And I always believe what I read when it is sent to me, especially if it is free (hint hint for you PC PowerPlay Magazine).

Anyway, the review caused a huge rush on Australian game stores. There was widespread panic all over this rugged, barely-civilized continent of brawling tough-guys. Thousands were killed, and nobody got a copy except for one man:

The mighty Ben Kosmina, slayer of hundreds.

He pushed and shoved and hacked and slashed and pulled hair and bit and cried a little, yes, but he did what he had to do and he was victorious! He clawed his way to the top of the pile and grabbed the gold(ish, purpleish box)! And by grabbed I mean he ordered it from the website DVD Crave. How did he succeed this grueling, ironman shopping competition? 

I think it was through an extensive training program involving a lot of pain-threshold-increasing self-mutilation:

and torturous physical abuse that I can't even bring myself to name ().

I also commend Ben on his excellent tasted in t-shirts, signed games, and for buying my personal line of personal hair-care products. 

Welcome to the Hairstyle of Champions!

Well, done Ben. Well done.

I hear that Ben might have grabbed the last copy where he got it, but you should be able to get your own at one of these fine Australian stores:

EB Games (PS2 Only)
JB Hi-Fi(Xbox Only)
Games Wizards(Xbox & PC)

...with more on the way. Games have been shipped to these stores, I know that. But they might not be there yet. Or they might be sold out and need to order more. Here's how I think we should handle this situation, Australia. You should call up one of these stores and say, "Do you have the Excellent Game Psychonauts?" over and over again until they say yes. If they hang up on you, call back. If they don't pick up the phone, drive to the store and walk up to the counter and ask it again. And again. And don't shut up until they sell you one, and you are back home, playing it. And then shut up because you'll need to hear the dialog.


I love you.

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