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Tim Schafer Tim

Hey, check out that byline. Yeah, this post is BY me, Tim Schafer. And I ain’t line. Get it?

Double Fine Trivia: All of these amazing posts so far on this news page have been by me, Tim Schafer. But not by choice. I used to dream about having a lot of different people post to the news here, and having different bylines from different authors. Artists, programmers, tall people, bearded ladies… such a crazy dream! But whenever somebody who wasn’t me tried to post to the Double Fine Action News I would get jealous and have them killed! (Yes, that is one of the powers of the CEO. It’s a horrible duty, but someone has to do it.)
I was hoping Erik Wolpaw would start posting back when he worked here, but he just made one post and then said he needed to lie down because all the typing made him fainty. (After I went to all the trouble of finding out how to recreate ugly, Old Man Murray colors in FrontPage!) Then he saw how jealous I was getting so he sneaked out to save his own life.

But now the dream is finally a reality. Like most dreams, it has been made possible by our new community manager, Chris Remo. He has hacked a byline in there, using Unix and imaginary numbers, and soon will start making posts. Then I will get jealous and start making more posts of my own, or take other measures! I haven’t decided yet!

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