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Fashion and Magnus are Alive!

Tim Schafer Tim

I went to the Game Developers Conference in San Jose last week to find out the latest trends in the fashion world.

What’s hot?

Chubby guys in box goatees.

You can’t improve on a classic! But you can, of course, dress it up with a sexy and fashion-correct accessory. And what outfit wouldn’t look better with the addition of a neck-slung, conference id badge holder with a neon green lanyard? However you wear it…

...with a tie: Ooooh!, without: Ahhhh!, or even backwards! What the??? Has society COMPLETELY BROKEN DOWN?!?

Did I say backwards? What the??? Is it the apocalypse?

Even the bad stuff.

Phun Phoreign Phacts: Magnus Tellefsen is okay. He was not killed by naked ladies in Norway, as previously reported. It was not his “Akers Mic” store that burned down, but another. According to Magnus, there are actually FOUR “Akers Mic” stores in Norway. This is quite surprising to me, because I didn’t know there were that many stores in Norway, period. I figured there was one store for, like, coats; one store for potatoes; and one that sold those little troll statues to tourists. And then I just assumed that one of those stores was called “Ankers Mic,” and sold XBOX games under the table. But I was so wrong. Sounds like they have a bunch of stores over there. Maybe even enough for a mall. Man, It’s going to take an ARMY of naked ladies to burn all them all down!

I drew this myself. You can use it for free. Because I love you.

That’s all the news there is. Well, actually there’s more, but it involves rats, and I’ve got to tone down the rat news. See, I’m going to post a job listing for an effects programmer soon, and I don’t want them to find out about the rat situation until we have them all hired and sedated and tied to their desk. Once he or she is here, it won’t be a problem. (We give all Double Fine employees a daily injection that numbs their feet, so they aren’t be distracted by the constant nibbling.) So, until then, ixnay on the atsray. Total ixnay.

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