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Time to get our yer lucky votin’ finger!

Tim Schafer Tim

This time of year I often find myself asking the same question: What, exactly, is this “March Madness” and why should I care? I think—but I’m not sure—that it either has something to do with car dealers and their special sales, or else it has something to do with the world of . (I have to paste that little logo in there because bore me sooooo much that just typing the word puts me to sleep almost instantly. I usually can’t get past the “o” before I pass out and start drooling on my keyboard. My apologies to everybody else out there who loves Spoasdddddddf .xc ,v,/a/a

Oh geeze. Where was I? Anyway, this year is different. This year I think I have found out the truth. “March Madness” is about video game developers! Yay! What a coincidence that it turns out to be so super relevant to me and my interests!

I’m getting my information on this from The Escapist. It seems like they are in charge of March Madness this year (they’re calling it “March Mayhem,” though, probably out of respect for the mentally ill) and they are hosting its traditional “Developers’ Showdown” Guess who’s in the top 64? Us!

Our first battle is against Sega. You can vote over in the East Bracket. Maybe there was no room in the West Bracket, or maybe they aren’t sure where San Francisco is, or maybe The Escapist is based in Hawaii, which would place us to the east of them. Anyway, I’m not sure when voting opens up, but I think it’s soon, and when it does you should go vote for us. I mean to say that I, most humbly, request that you proceed at your leisure, to the Escapist, PLEASE, and aid us in our efforts to claw our way to the top of this bucket of crabs that we call the game development community. (Just kidding about the crabs! I love crabs!)

In order to vote, you have to register on their forums. So that’s the catch. But its an easy catch. A really easy catch, just like that guy made the other day, in that event, against that other team! Man, was that other team disappointed. But not as disappointed as Double Fine is going to be if we don’t win the March Mayhem: Developer’s Showdown!!!!

Vote! Vote! Vote!



Voting is now open! You can now go here and vote for Double Fine! And then go here and talk about how you voted for Double Fine. And then go here and ride to the top of the Matterhorn and put both hands in the air and scream, “DOUBLE FINE!”

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