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Oh my god, we killed Sonic! :O!

Tim Schafer Tim

I’m sorry Sonic!

Nothing against your games, but you had to go down. You were standing in the way of us doing battle with our arch enemies, CCP!
Actually, they aren’t our arch enemies. There just some guys in Iceland who make Eve Online, and they’re probably very nice and everyone who works there probably makes electronic music on the side and has adorable rosy cheeks and lots of cuddly sweaters. But we can’t let this award go to Iceland, can we? Haven’t they taken enough from us already? Does Iceland have to win at everything? Iceland, Iceland, Iceland. Enough, already! Sick of them and their tiny horses.

So, thanks to everyone who voted for us. To quote that French lady who won the Oscar, there really are some angels* in this town.

*of DEATH**

**to clarify, the Angels of Death are on our side, so WATCH OUT, and also THANKS!

UPDATE: Voting is now open!


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