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I actually have the winning high score myself, but have too much class to report it.

Tim Schafer Tim

Okay, first of all, King of Kong is an awesome, awesome movie. Best documentary I have seen in a while. Just by the virtues of the the movie-watching experience alone, I advise you to buy a copy of this DVD and own it RIGHT NOW.

What’s that you say? You’re going to Netflix it? Well, sure, I guess that is, technically, LEGAL, but if you merely rent this DVD, you will be missing out on some awesome Scott C. artwork! See, if you buy the real DVD, there is a surprise waiting for you. Even though it looks normal on the outside, if you take out the cover sleeve out and flip it around, you’ll the the alternate cover pictured above. An original work of art by our own Scott Campbell.

Art, you Netflixing cad. ART!

Check out the bigger version of the cover, if you want to read the names of the arcade games on it, or find some secret characters you might recognize lurking in the crowd.

Now how much would you pay?

Wait, did you know you can get it signed? If you live in LA (or are willing to be in LA on March 22 between the hours of 7pm to 11pm) then you can go to the Nucleus Gallery and meet Scott C. himself and get him to sign your dang copy.

Or you can get one of the limited edition prints they’re making for the show, and have him sign that.

Or have him sign your copy of Psychonauts. Or your bus pass. Or your backfat. He loves all of those things.

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