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Everything is going to be OKAY from now on.

Tim Schafer Tim

Except for the fact that this page is more blood-orange than normal, but we’re not going to talk about it. We’re just going to say it’s that way on purpose in honor of our birthday.

That’s right! Today Double Fine Productions turns three years old! Waaaoooooo!

Even though we haven’t released anything yet (except for one excellent catch phrase), and our first game is a little—just a smidge—on the late side, somehow we still have the most awesome fans already. They sent us cards and art and stuff, and I was going to post it all on the action news page here for everyone to enjoy (and to make the slackers who sent nothing feel bad all day), but of course I just realized I can’t get to the part of the server from my house, so duh, me. No pictures today. Pictures tomorrow. Hell-of pictures tomorrow. Or, at least, two.

That means that the slackers have one more day to make good. Next year we won’t be so lenient.

In Psychonauts news, well… here’s the most relevant thing I can think of, in honor of DF turning 3: When I turned three years old I got a big, yellow, Tonka dump truck. God, I loved that dump truck. Oh, and one year, my mom made me a cake in the shape of a dragon. So awesome. But I don’t think that was my third birthday, so it’s not relevant to this page so more talk about THAT.

Tomorrow: continued relevance. I just learned how to spell “relevance” correctly so I’m trying to use it a lot, even when there is no relevance.

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