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Tim Schafer Tim

Okay, I know I have a big backlog of fan art that I promised to put up long ago, and I am filled with shame and regret about that. Luckily for me, shame and regret don’t bother me at all. In fact, they are like two sleeves of comfy, old sweater that I happily wear every day. (Before you ask, the body of the sweater is alienation, and the buttons are mostly anger). But this new piece of fan art is so good, and so topical, because of its reference to the Excellent Game Psychonauts, I had to bump it to the top of the list. Then, after bumping it to the top of the list, I had to procrastinate for a couple of weeks, forgetting about the list completely. Then I had to find the list again, and remember what the list was for. So many steps! But at long last, here it is. Please enjoy!

I like the levitating cigarette especially.

And by “enjoy” I mean click on it to see the big version and steal bandwidth from the artist, Erin Mehlos. Thanks for the art, Erin!

Associated games

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